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Booth number: 207

As your partner in nutrition, Abbott invites you to explore our booth and discover how nutrition choices can impact your residents’ lives every day. [ Visit website ]

Adventure Golf Services

Booth number: 228

Adventure Golf Services (AGS) has more than 35 years of experience designing and building miniature golf courses, putting greens, game courts and related products for a worldwide spectrum of industries. [ Visit website ]

Aegis Therapies and EnerG

Booth number: 411

Aegis Therapies and EnerG by Aegis offer state-of-the-art therapy and wellness services. With its national footprint, Aegis is able to provide programs across all sectors of the retirement and healthcare continuum. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 335

Ageility offers senior-focused, on-site, outpatient therapy solutions to independent and assisted living facilities and memory care communities. It delivers excellent clinical services while maintaining an integrated and collaborative approach. [ Visit website ]

American Bath Group

Booth number: 416

American Bath Group’s signature products include Comfort Designs bathware, with products for every stage of senior care; Swanstone solid surface for residential and commercial applications; and Renovative Bath retrofit showers. [ Visit website ]

Anchor Point Training

Booth number: 539

Anchor Point Training is a full-body approach using anchored resistance, bands and suspension. We offer the most versatile handle design and accredited education to help you get more from our equipment. [ Visit website ]


Bwell Solutions

Booth number: 413

Bwell Solutions provides high-quality mobility and balance, cognitive fitness, fall reduction and wellness solutions for older adults. Experts design programs to support mental and physical fitness pathways to whole-person wellness. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 115

Biodex wellness technology helps older adults maintain functional independence through devices that work to improve strength, balance, and mobility. A belief in science-based solutions leads to Biodex’s unique products and services. [ Visit website ]

Blick Art Materials

Booth number: 532

Blick Art Materials is the leader in art supplies in the U.S. Selection, competitive prices and superior customer service make Blick the clear choice for your art supply needs. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 423

Bodyblade pioneered vibration and inertia training. Bodyblade addresses the deep dynamic stabilizers of the spine through exercises that adjust to the user, resulting in improved posture, balance and core strength. [ Visit website ]


Calmoseptine® Ointment

Booth number: 236

Calmoseptine® Ointment is a multipurpose, over-the-counter moisture barrier that protects skin and helps heal skin irritations. Calmoseptine temporarily relieves discomfort and itching. Free samples will be offered at our booth! [ Visit website ]

Canali System

Booth number: 430

The Canali System’s patented postural rotation eliminates spinal compression, reduces impact on joints and helps maintain correct posture. The absence of weight stacks and cables allows for ease of use and silent operation. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 219

CaptionCall’s revolutionary telephone service and red-carpet installation are free for clients with hearing problems. The service is provided in part through a provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act. [ Visit website ]

Care Purchasing Services

Booth number: 525

Care Purchasing Services is the leading U.S. group purchasing organization dedicated to senior living communities. CPS connects communities with vendors for food, beverage, medical and pharmacy supplies and plant operations. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 513

The Chaga mushroom is the world’s most powerful antioxidant, the ultimate superfood. Chagit's Chaga shot is a bio-available drink crafted from the mushroom, a daily dose of energy, immunity and vitality. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 407

The CyberCycle is a wellness program built on the principle of having fun. It provides cognitive benefits, increases engagement and provides a fun social exercise program for your community. [ Visit website ]


Domtar Personal Care

Booth number: 108

Domtar Personal Care produces high-quality, innovative, absorbent hygiene products. It has partnered with ICAA to offer senior communities access to services and advice from its direct-to-consumer business and experts. [ Visit website ]



Booth number: 516

Eversound facilitates senior living communities to deliver vibrant, engaging group experiences to their residents who experience hearing loss. [ Visit website ]



Booth number: 110

GrandCare is a technology suite that allows care providers to monitor entire communities, send messages to residents, increase family interaction, assess wellness, track daily activities and improve staff efficiency. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 234

GrandPad® is a simple and secure tablet designed specifically for older adults. It is the smartest, easiest, and safest way to connect seniors with loved ones around the world. [ Visit website ]

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness

Booth number: 307

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness provides outdoor fitness equipment accessible to people of many ability levels, including wheelchair users. Greenfields can help create a fun, safe and social outdoor gym for seniors. [ Visit website ]

Gregory Ventures

Booth number: 524

Gregory Ventures GreenGuard Gold Certified Floor Cleaning products made with pharmaceutical-grade Australian Tea Tree Oil permanently and completely remove urine (and other body) Stains, odors and soil. We guarantee it! [ Visit website ]


Hamilton CapTel

Booth number: 419

Hamilton® CapTel® equipment allows people with hearing loss to stay connected with family and friends by providing word-for-word captions of every phone conversation. [ Visit website ]

HealthCare International

Booth number: 429

HealthCare International is a leading manufacturer of innovative rehabilitation, physical therapy, active aging and wellness products, including the PhysioStep LXT Recumbent Linear Stepper, the PhysioGait Unweighting System and the PhysioMax Independent UBE. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 313

HUR is a leading supplier of pneumatic strength-training equipment and fall-reduction solutions for senior living, rehabilitation and wellness facilities. HUR SmartTouch software offers training solutions for all ages and abilities. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 414

HydroWorx is a major manufacturer of aquatic rehabilitation and fitness products like adjustable floors, underwater treadmills, resistance jets and deep tissue massage with options to fit many applications and budgets. [ Visit website ]


International of Active Aging

Booth number: 118

ICAA connects a community of like-minded organizations and professionals who share the goals of changing society's perceptions of aging. The council supports these professionals with education, resources and tools for optimal success. [ Visit website ]

INB Medical

Booth number: 511

INB Medical helps transform a home bath to a personal “medical spa” and provides the best beauty and antiaging treatment so clients can look and feel their best. [ Visit website ]

It’s Never 2 Late

Booth number: 417

It’s Never 2 Late’s intuitive touch-screen technology and picture-based software enable senior community residents to engage and enjoy life through technology, increasing efficiency and quality of life for both residents and staff. [ Visit website ]



Booth number: 109

Keiser creates revolutionary fitness equipment that can help older adults improve and maintain quality of life. Never satisfied with the status quo, Keiser pushes the limits of science to elevate human performance. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 401

KINESIQ offers convenient exercise equipment that combines virtual reality and motion technologies to preserve and improve functional autonomy and the physical and neurological condition of fragile people in rehab and fall-prevention programs. [ Visit website ]


Lifeshare Technologies

Booth number: 324

LifeShare crafts technology solutions to improve communication for senior-living community residents, individuals aging in place, families and staff. The simple-to-use, easy-to-afford communication tool works on any TV or smart device. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 509

L-Nutra is leader in nutrition related to longevity and health. Its nutri-technologies mimic and enhance the effects of fasting to unleash the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself and promote longevity. [ Visit website ]


Masterpiece Living

Booth number: 517

Masterpiece Living strategically partners with senior living communities and programs to help provide an effective and successful focus on wellness. Our data-supported lifestyle programs offer customized and scalable engagement experiences. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 213

The Matrix functional movement solutions include equipment designed for use by specialists who prioritize movement as the key to a healthy future and to advance well-being at any age. [ Visit website ]

Medical Fitness Solutions

Booth number: 506

Join Medical Fitness Solutions for the latest in senior health solutions, including the new MEND nutritional products. Get a free, medical-grade body-composition analysis with three-page printout! [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 229

Merrithew™ was founded by Lindsay and Moira Merrithew in 1988. As Leaders in Mindful Movement™, Merrithew provides responsible exercise programs and innovative fitness equipment based on cutting-edge exercise science. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 331

Miigen is a web application that allows users to easily create a “digital time capsule” filled with memories, photos, and life stories narrated in their own words and voices. [ Visit website ]



Booth number: 201

NuStep’s recumbent cross trainers deliver a safe, low-impact, total-body workout that helps users of virtually all functional abilities build cardiovascular and muscle strength, improve balance and enhance brain health. [ Visit website ]


Octane Fitness

Booth number: 515

Octane Fitness continues to redefine exercise with unprecedented breakthroughs in zero-impact cardio fitness equipment. Products include the Max Trainer, LateralX, Zero Runner and AirdyneX. Innovative programming delivers high-intensity interval training routines. [ Visit website ]

Ohio Health Delay the Disease

Booth number: 332

Delay the Disease, the number-one exercise program for fighting Parkinson’s disease, empowers people to take control through guided, daily exercise. Licensing agreements are available for facilities interested in hosting classes. [ Visit website ]


Perform Better

Booth number: 323

Perform Better is a guide to functional training, conditioning and overall fitness. The Perform Better product catalog displays the tools needed to improve strength, speed, agility and total body performance. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 424

Poolates marries the principles of the Pilates method with the benefits of water exercise. Poolates’ workouts help exercisers improve posture, build core strength and develop balance and stability.

Power Wellness

Booth number: 224

Power Wellness is the nation’s largest medical-fitness management company. Founded in 1996, it has managed over 50 fitness centers for healthcare systems, academic institutions, community foundations and senior communities. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 501

Precor® develops and manufactures premium fitness equipment, software and service solutions to help create personalized, effective workouts that feel smooth and natural for the user, no matter their age. [ Visit website ]


Reach Media Network

Booth number: 233

REACH offers a robust, easy-to-use, cloud-based content management software solution. Our software provides flexible and customizable design templates and a wide variety of content widget options. [ Visit website ]


S3 Balance

Booth number: 533

The S3 Balance® device and program has been shown to improve balance and reduce fall risks. It’s ideal for use in assisted living, rehab, skilled nursing and memory care facilities. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 523

Sagely’s suite of automated tools marry the power of software, data and the human element, empowering caregivers and families to improve elders’ well-being by increasing meaningful connections and providing insights. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 301

We build equipment that builds people up. With so many ways to adjust for a positive, motivating experience, it’s no wonder SCIFIT exercise equipment is prescribed for progress throughout the medical world and beyond. [ Visit website ]

Select Rehabilitation

Booth number: 422

Select Rehabilitation provides comprehensive patient-focused physical, occupational and speech therapy services throughout 32 states, and partners with clients to provide support and expertise in regulatory and reimbursement issues. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 505

SeniorTV is a nationwide provider of TV and internet solutions for senior living and long term care, offering low-cost cable TV, internet, commercial grade LED TVs and community channels. [ Visit website ]

Shuttle Systems

Booth number: 316

Shuttle Systems provides world-class rehab and performance equipment for physical therapists and athletes. Its intuitive, comfortable and easily accessible designs allow older adults to approach rehabilitation and exercise with confidence. [ Visit website ]

Spirit Fitness

Booth number: 112

Spirit Fitness has been producing quality fitness products for 30 years. Each unit is manufactured to high standards at our company-owned, ISO-certified factory. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 223

The ICARE incorporates innovative design and ease of use, reinforcing SportsArt/s dedication to improving the lives of the Active Aging population and their care teams. [ Visit website ]

Sprint CapTel

Booth number: 415

Sprint CapTel allows adults with hearing loss to make and receive phone calls, helping them stay socially engaged. A built-in screen provides live captions so users never miss a word. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 217

SwimEx is a world leader in hydrotherapy pools and plunge pools. American-made since 1986, SwimEx products feature fiberglass construction, superior water-current systems, customization options and integrated treadmills. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 319

One of North America’s leading food-service distributors, Sysco offers unparalleled expertise for the healthcare industry. Top-quality products and services are designed to meet the needs of senior communities and care centers. [ Visit website ]



Booth number: 519

Touchtown enhances the quality of life for senior community residents and their families through innovation and connectivity. Our solutions improve resident well-being, reduce staff turnover, connect families and increase occupancy. [ Visit website ]

Total Brain Health

Booth number: 508

Get smart about brain health! TBH Toolkits are evidence-backed programs that engage and empower users to promote sharper thinking and recall. New! TBH FLEX for memory care! Visit us at Booth 508. [ Visit website ]


UBS Financial

Booth number: 333

Robert Levin, former Wall Street pharmaceuticals analyst and board-certified physician, directs a wealth management advisory practice at UBS that focuses on the financial needs of physicians and healthcare executives. [ Visit website ]



Booth number: 514

VoCo personalizes Alexa for individuals and senior living communities, allowing older adults to enjoy healthier, happier, more connected lives. Alexa applications help communities empower residents to lead more independent lives. [ Visit website ]


Western Union

Booth number: 507

Western Union is dedicated to fighting fraud and helping consumers protect themselves from falling victim to fraud. We work with authorities and other organizations around the globe to educate consumers. [ Visit website ]


Booth number: 315

Woodway treadmills’ unique transportation system and slat-belt surface provide the ultimate long-lasting medical and rehabilitation platform, helping patients make strides toward better strength, endurance and range of motion. [ Visit website ]

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