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[SET YOUR SITES RIGHT] What consumers appreciate on business websites

About two-fifths of consumers (39%) are attracted to color schemes more than any other visual elements on business websites, according to a report from Top Design Firms, a directory of digital and creative agencies. Since many active-aging organizations continue to rely on websites to help sell their communities and services, it makes sense to maximize a website’s potential.

Top Design Firms surveyed 500 US consumers the to learn about their thoughts regarding website design. Forty percent of survey respondents were female, 36% were male, and 23% chose not to identify themselves; 13% were between the ages of 18 and 34; 29% were between 35 and 55; 35% were 55 and older; and 24% didn’t specify their age.

Among the findings:

Different audiences think differently about colors on a website:

- Nearly half (46%) prefer businesses to use blue on their websites.

- 26% of women believe companies should not use yellow.

- 23% of men think companies should not use orange.

Purple is the favorite color among people ages 18-24 (43%); however, only 17% of people ages 44-54 prefer that color on a business site.

Respondents prefer when websites use blue (46%), followed by green (30%) and red (22%). Businesses looking to project a stable, trustworthy image to their customers should find ways to use blue in their websites, the report advises.

When visiting a company’s website for the first time, 22% of consumers look for eye-catching colors. In contrast, 21% will leave a website if they find the colors to be outlandish or excessive.

Further, whitespace is a crucial component of a successful website design, according to the survey. Despite only 8% of consumers noticing whitespace when they view a site for the first time, it is an element that helps engage users when they are on a site.  Whitespace creates a balance, giving users a quick break when browsing online. If a website is too cluttered or contains a lot of distracting colors, a potential customer may leave.

To download the full report, click here


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