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[TRENDING] Tech for aging: 2022 market report released

Lori Orlov, principal analyst, Aging and Health Technology Watch, recently published her Technology for Aging 2022 Market Overview. Orlov says in the introduction that “most everything” is new in this edition of the annual report, including 30 recent entrants, some of which were winners of innovation competitions.

Orlov notes that the pace of innovation is accelerating, as companies and organizations recognize the business opportunity in a burgeoning aging population experiencing a critical shortage of care workers. Trends include “’touchless’ everything, voice-enabled everything, and AI-enabled everything.”

Ongoing challenges for consumers involve continuous patch releases, upgrades and bug fixes, and few standard interfaces, with some firms deliberately locking users into their devices, with no cross-platform flexibility.

Key sections of the report feature 2022 trends driven by aging-at-home expectations; policy makers caring more about aging and caregiving; a pandemic-sharpened focus on tech adoption by the oldest demographic; and advice to vendors to focus on tech-enabled services, not products.

To download the full report, click here


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