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[WHO I AM] New guide pinpoints diversity traits to support HR DEI efforts

At a time when inclusion initiatives are at the forefront of organizational objectives, McLean & Company has released a new resource, Guide to Using Self-identification Questions Respectfully in HR. The research-backed guide was designed to help HR leaders adopt an inclusive lens when creating self-identification options, and develop an ethical framework to guide the use and storage of sensitive employee information.

"Gathering and understanding the many traits that come together to make each person unique as it applies to an organization's workforce enables the advancement of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) and other HR goals," says Obie Odunukwe, McLean's director of HR Research & Advisory. "Due to the sensitivity surrounding demographic data, organizational requests for personal information require an intentional approach to ensure inclusiveness and safety of participants."

Odunukwe continues: "A majority of DEI and HR initiatives created to support specific demographics only have partial success rates. This is both unacceptable and understandable, considering the obstacles organizations face when creating self-identification practices. (The guide) supports organizations with an ethical and purposeful approach."

The guide breaks down the three categories of identity traits – inherent traits, acquired traits, and organizational acquired traits – to better assist leaders in understanding the role of identity traits in employee surveys. The guide also helps to establish the diversity traits that need to be captured and measured to further DEI and HR efforts and communicate data expectations and ethics. It also provides a selection of sample identification questions that can be used to inform a self-identification survey.

To download the Guide to Using Self-identification Questions Respectfully in HR, click here

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