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[WORK IT OUT] 44% of employees worldwide feeling stressed daily

Every day, 44% of employees worldwide feel stressed; 40% are worried; 23% are sad; and 21% are angry. Those are just some of the sobering statistics revealed in Gallup’s latest report on the state of the global workplace.

Other key findings include:

  • Low engagement costs the global economy US$7.8 trillion and accounts for 11% of GDP globally.
  • Overall wellbeing influences life at work. Employees who are engaged at work but not thriving at work have a 61% higher likelihood of ongoing burnout than those who are engaged and thriving.
  • Employees who consistently experience high levels of burnout at work say their job makes it difficult to fulfill their family responsibilities. They are also 23% more likely to visit the emergency room.
  • Business units with engaged workers have 23% higher profits compared with business units with unhappy workers – and teams with thriving workers see significantly lower absenteeism, turnover and accidents; they also see higher customer loyalty.

Gallup CEO Jon Clifton comments in his introduction, “The real fix is this simple: better leaders in the workplace. Managers need to be better listeners, coaches and collaborators. Great managers help colleagues learn and grow, recognize their colleagues for doing great work, and make them truly feel cared about. In environments like this, workers thrive.”

The poll, done annually since 2005, includes more than 160 countries, reflecting the responses of all workers ages 15+. The report contains global insights and country comparisons.

To download the full, 170-page pdf, “State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report,” click here

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