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[CARE-LESS?] 82% of Americans distrust the US healthcare system

Data from a National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI) survey of more than 2,000 US adults ages 35+ show that 82% of Americans believe the US healthcare system puts profits ahead of people, and 72% believe healthcare organizations are not doing a good job caring for people as they age. Respondents to the online survey were balanced for gender, race/ethnicity and US regions.

The 87-page NPHI report takes a deep, detailed dive into the respondents and their attitudes and experiences with the healthcare system. Among the findings:

- 66% do not have their wishes for end-of-life medical treatment in a written document.

- 81% have never had a conversation with a healthcare provider about their wishes for end-of-life care.

- 75% say Medicare should cover end-of-life discussions.

- 67% are most comfortable discussing their wishes with a doctor.

- While 74% say that death is a subject most people avoid, the vast majority (97%) also say they are either as comfortable or more comfortable talking about it than their peers. This suggests a disconnect between the perceived stigma around the topic and individual attitudes about it.

- Nearly half (48%) of respondents feel people in the US have too little control over decisions about their own medical care at the end of life.

NPHI writes in the report, “The healthcare system—particularly in the serious illness and end-of-life space—is under immense strain. Workforce shortages, high costs, and a growing population of elderly Americans demand a large-scale, strategic transformation of how healthcare supports individuals and families as they age. It is absolutely essential that such a transformation is rooted in the needs and preferences of the population.”

To download the full report, “Views and Experiences of Aging & End of Life Care in the US,” here

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