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[WELL SPENT] Wellness spending linked to longevity, happiness

Research from the Global Wellness Institute (GWI)'s latest report, “Defining Wellness Policy,” demonstrates the relationship between wellness spending and happiness and longevity, and explains how a wellness policy can complement–but also fill gaps left by–both current public health policy and new happiness and wellbeing policy efforts. The report also addresses gaps in the sick-care-focused medical system and in the private sector wellness industry.

To identify the relationship between wellness spending, happiness levels, and health outcomes, GWI researchers partnered with Dr. Shun Wang, an author and statistician of the World Happiness Report. Using data from GWI’s wellness economy reports (measuring wellness spending in more than 200 markets), Gallup’s World Poll (for global happiness measurements), and the World Bank (for national life expectancy and income levels)–and then adjusting for wealth levels and population size–an analysis revealed these findings: across countries, for every $844 increase in wellness spending per person, the average happiness level increased by nearly 7%, and an increase of $769 in wellness spending per capita is associated with 1.26 years of extra life.

While correlation does not necessarily mean causation, these results signal that there are health and wellbeing benefits from wellness spending.

According to GWI, the research, unveiled at the Global Wellness Summit, held recently in Tel Aviv, sets the stage for a series of Wellness Policy Toolkits to be released in 2023, which will provide governments, non-profits, communities and businesses with a roadmap on how to take action in seven domains of wellness policy: physical activity, healthy eating, mental wellness, traditional/complementary medicine, wellness in the built environment, wellness at work, and wellness in tourism.

To download a free version of the report, click here

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