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[AI WORKING IT OUT?] ChatGPT creates fitness regimens – sort of

There's no question that ChatGPT, a natural language processing tool driven by artificial intelligence (AI), is making news in many areas right now. It answers questions, gives advice, creates stories, songs and plenty more. In an intriguing article in MIT Technology Review, Rhiannon Williams describes her experience using ChatGPT to create a marathon workout plan (not so good) and experiences of others who have been following the program’s advice in the gym.

The article provides real-world feedback on the utility of ChatGPT, as well as cautions. The developers note that the currently available version is a "research preview" that may occasionally generate wrong or potentially harmful or biased information. Nonetheless, it is worth exploring for the experience, to understand what it's all about, and to talk knowledgeably about it with others. ChatGPT clearly will evolve, probably rival Google, and possibly rival fitness coaches - though not yet.

To read the full MIT Technology Review article, click here

To explore ChatGPT, click here and be patient (the site is often overwhelmed),

For basic information on ChatGPT and its capabilities, read the article by Sabrina Ortiz, associate editor, of ZDNet, here

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