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[SINE QUA NON] “Fitness is Essential” launches for communities

The Community Gyms Coalition (CGC), representing more than 15,000 community gyms and fitness facilities across the US that serve more than 25 million members, announced last week (February 23) the launch of its "Fitness is Essential" campaign, in collaboration with the White House Conference on Hunger, Health and Nutrition. The campaign aims to educate people about the broad, positive effects of physical activity and fitness on mental and physical well-being.

CGC member facilities will enable increased access to resources such as free day passes and/or consultations about fitness goals and participants' body intelligence. In addition, CGC members will raise awareness with community leaders and policymakers about steps they can take to encourage physical activity and fitness in communities across the US.

These efforts will augment and reinforce the US Department of Health and Human Services' Move Your Way® campaign, the goal of which is to help people live healthier lives through increased physical activity based on the recommendations of the second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

 "More than 40% of American adults are obese and are at higher risk of developing chronic diseases," said Dale King, owner of PSKC CrossFit in Portsmouth, Ohio. "More than one in four Americans are living with a mental illness. These can seem like overwhelming issues that don't have a one-size-fits-all solution. But regular exercise has been irrefutably proven to help with a range of mental and physical conditions."

Serving as a central hub for public outreach, FitnessisEssential.org will share information to raise awareness about why fitness is essential for overall physical and mental health. The CGC, comprising brands such as Anytime Fitness, CrossFit, Orangetheory Fitness and Planet Fitness, is inviting all gyms across the country to offer their own commitments to support physical activity and fitness for all.

Learn more about the campaign at https://fitnessisessential.org/

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