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[PROACTIVITY COUNTS] New longevity center targets health span, life span

Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s largest medical center, will unveil a new longevity center in September on its Ramat Gan campus. According to Longevity.Technology,  this will be the “world’s first dedicated longevity clinic in a public hospital.”

The center, an initiative of pediatric physician Tzipi Strauss, MD, director of neonatology and pediatric physician at Sheba Hospital, will target individuals over age  40 and will focus on cognitive aspects, sleep, frailty, and menopause. “We found these four aspects are really connected to longevity,” said Dr. Strauss, “and, if you treat all of them you can really influence the way you age.”

Multidisciplinary experts from internal medicine, endocrinology, gynecology, geriatrics, and brain science will constitute the center’s advisory board.

According to Sheba’s website, “Unlike other healthcare centers, the healthy longevity center will not focus on reactive or preventative medicine – it is proactive medicine, which is a new concept in the medical realm.”

A visit to the center will last about 4.5 hours, including all tests and treatments. Then, the individual will be sent home with a sleep monitor, asked to complete a questionnaire and to return within four weeks. After all the data have been collected, a multidisciplinary discussion will be held and the team will recommend a course of action and schedule follow-ups.

To learn more about the center, visit https://www.shebaonline.org/shebas-new-healthy-longevity-center/   

For context and an overview of Sheba Medical Center's recent longevity conference, read the Longevity.Technology article, here

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