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Women's health issues continue to be overlooked in society. This is one of several findings in Essity's “Health and Hygiene Report 2023-2024,” linking gender equality, care, and prevention to personal well-being and public progress, emphasizing the need for joint action to effect change.

The report demonstrates how hygiene and health act as catalysts for solving several global societal issues. By drawing on insights, research and interviews with experts, the report identifies areas that are critical for driving development and progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Anna Brodowsky, Vice President Public Affairs of Essity, commented, "We know that the health and well-being of individuals and society benefit by investing in care, prevention, and gender equality. The UN Sustainable Development Goals serve as an essential framework to promote a more healthy and inclusive future. By setting priorities, establishing effective policies and also taking these actions at a national level, change can start to happen."

Snapshots from the report include the following

  • In 2025, an estimated 1.1 billion women+ worldwide are expected to experience one of the phases associated with menopause. However, menopause is often surrounded by stigma and overlooked in different parts of society, for example in the workplace.
  • 80% of care provision comes from family members, and two-thirds of all people globally will become caregivers at some point in their lives.
  • Healthcare systems are under pressure due to, among other reasons, demographic shifts, and an increasing need for care, while the number of caregivers is declining.
  • Globally, the lack of access to basic hygiene services is a key contributor to the spread of infections and disease. This has many root causes, including limited access to handwashing facilities, poor sanitation, insufficient cleaning, and a lack of hygiene education.

The report closes with several calls for action to increase gender equality in health and wellbeing.

To learn more and download the report, click here

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