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A new survey conducted by AARP shows that  32% of adults 50+ report "often or always" feeling lonely or isolated and that playing board games can help.  In response, Ageless Innovation created the Reach Out and Play initiative. Alongside AARP, hundreds of game-filled events will be organized to rally people of all ages to come together and celebrate older adults, driving connections through play that is inclusive of all generations.

AARP’s survey to better understand older adults' perceptions of the impact of board game playing. Key findings include the following:

- Roughly one-third (32%) of older adults feel lonely or isolated from those around them; these feelings are higher among the younger 50-plus population (38% for those

ages 50 to 64 vs 26% for ages 65-plus) and those in the lowest income bracket (49% for those with a household income under $30,000).

- Most (87%) agree that participating in fun and playful activities is good for their health.

- A majority (57%; higher among  women age 50+, at 61%) say that specifically playing board games is good for their health.

- Almost half of adults 50-plus (45%) would like to play board games more often

Reach Out and Play events begin taking place on September 5. People of all ages can visit aarp.org/agelessplay to find an event near them by entering their zip code.

To see the survey results, click here

For additional information on the Reach Out and Play initiative, or to host an event, visit AgelessInnovation.com/ReachOutandPlay or contact


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