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[NO BENEFIT] Multivitamins don’t reduce risk of death

An analysis of data from close to 400,000 healthy US adults followed for more than 20 years found no association between regular multivitamin use and lower risk of death, a recent study revealed.

To explore the relationship between long-term regular multivitamin use and overall mortality as well as death from cardiovascular disease and cancer, the researchers analyzed data from three large, geographically diverse prospective studies involving a total of 390,124 participants with a median age of 62 years who were generally healthy, with no history of cancer or other chronic diseases.

Because the study population was so large and included lengthy follow-up and extensive information on demographics and lifestyle factors, the researchers were able to mitigate the effects of possible biases that may have influenced the findings of other studies --  i.e., that people who use multivitamins may have healthier lifestyles in general, and sicker patients may be more likely to increase their use of multivitamins.

The analysis showed that people who took daily multivitamins did not have a lower risk of death from any cause than people who took no multivitamins. There were also no differences in mortality from cancer, heart disease, or cerebrovascular diseases. The results were adjusted for factors such as race and ethnicity, education, and diet quality.

However, the researchers noted that multivitamin use might be associated with other health outcomes related to aging. This would require additional research.

To read the full study, published in JAMA Network Open, click here

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