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Tech Talk: Samsung hip-assist robot boosts older-adult fitness-10380

Tech Talk: Samsung hip-assist robot boosts older-adult fitness

Age-related loss of muscle mass, particularly in the legs, often leads to a gradual decrease in physical activity among older adults, as the weakening of lower-limb muscles heightens the risk of falls. However, "a strategic blend of aerobic and balancing exercises" has the potential to not only enhance physical function but also mitigate the risk of falls in older adults, say researchers from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., (Suwon, Republic of Korea).



Employee mental health programs largely ineffective-10374

Employee mental health programs largely ineffective

Initiatives that promote mental well-being are formally recommended for all British workers, and likely other workers, as well. But a new study suggests those initiatives, while well-meaning, are in fact missing the mark. Overall, the idea of having mental health support is positive, but individual-level interventions don't seem to be helpful, and may even be harmful, when looking at specific work situations.


Mental health

Same-level workplace falls set to rise-10366

Same-level workplace falls set to rise

Same-level falls in the workplace are set to rise due to the rapid growth in the numbers of older female employees in the workforce, Australian research suggests. Although workplace falls, overall, are more common among male employees, particularly falls from height, same-level falls are more common in older women, the findings indicate. The prevalence and relative severity of workplace falls mean that better prevention strategies are needed to mitigate these sex-specific risk factors, the researchers conclude.


Falls management

Report reveals 2024 tech trends for older adults-10360

Report reveals 2024 tech trends for older adults

Like many organizations, AARP recently released its tech trend predictions for this year, and they're of course worth a read. In a nutshell, the report highlights, with specific examples, the "noticeable shift" in tech adoption by adults 50+, who are now on a par with adults ages 18-49 when it comes to tech device ownership; continued spending by this demographic on smart appliances; active engagement with digital services, especially via apps instead of websites only; streaming most, if not all, entertainment content; and using tech to stay connected with family and friends.



Surprising truth about intergenerational wealth transfer-10356

Surprising truth about intergenerational wealth transfer

"Boomers are rolling in financial assets. But they are probably going to spend all their savings before they can pass anything down to their children," writes Ann C. Logue for Business Insider. In a fascinating and timely article, with links to relevant studies and related resources, Logue documents why the "great wealth transfer" from Boomers -- who currently hold about half of US wealth, although they make up only 17% of the population -- to their families is unlikely to take place, and if it does, why the main beneficiaries will be those who don't actually need the money.


Economics of aging

Stats: 156,000 more senior housing units needed by 2025-10350

Stats: 156,000 more senior housing units needed by 2025

In 2025, the first Boomers will turn 80. What does the industry need to do to prepare right now? The NIC MAP Vision project estimates that an additional 156,842 senior housing units will be needed. In a detail-filled blog, Lisa McCracken, Head of Research & Analytics at the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC), presents an overview of what it will take to stay competitive going forward.



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