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Helix Inc.

572 Freeport Street, Unit A

Boston, MA, 02122, US





Lisey Good

Director of Marketing


Company description

Helix invented lateral cardio training, considered the most effective form of cardio available. While Helix is found in gyms globally and in the training rooms of professional athletic teams, as a cardio modality, it does not just benefit elite athletes but also has critical therapeutic benefits for an aging population. Because it is the only trainer that works the body in all 3 dimensions of human motion simultaneously, it uniquely strengthens muscles that are crucial to knee and hip health. In fact, in ten years of clinical studies, it's been shown not just safe for bad knees and hips, but actually beneficial, reducing joint pain and increasing mobility even for those with severe arthritic conditions. Helix Lateral Trainers are commonly used by physical therapists to pre-hab and rehab around hip and knee replacement surgeries. Further, clinical studies show that lateral training with Helix can quickly improve balance to reduce fall risk in de-conditioned seniors (an average 59% in under 4 weeks).

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