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Spiro100 provides web and app video streaming fitness and wellness classes for older adults, featuring over 140 full-length exercise and meditation sessions and now featuring educational workshops. Each workshop and class has been created, produced and is led by nationally recognized senior wellness experts to provide you a purposeful, results driven fitness tool. This one-of-a-kind expert programing is available effortlessly. - Refresh your current programming: Instantly activate a variety of on-demand Spiro100 classes when and where you need it. - Fall prevention: Reduce resident fall risk with our expertly designed Fall Prevention Academy. - Easy, low-cost setup: No bulky equipment to install. Designed to fit any budget. - In-room availability: Provide your residents and prospects access to Spiro100 in their own room. - Educational workshops: Drive participation while helping residents cope with their most salient health issues. We’re delivering today’s residents' most sought after information. Because you can’t do it all. No one could. This is your tool to round out current offerings, provide the variety, the consistency, the EXPERT quality and results driven fitness classes that you desire, AFFORDABLY! We also know that memory care is especially difficult to find programming for. We’re here to help.

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