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Dividat USA

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Frank Arant




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Dividat is the world leader in cognitive-motor solutions that help people to live better longer through Physical-Cognitive Interplay™. Our Senso platform is comprised of Swiss engineered hardware paired with cloud-based software that challenges the body and mind through 17+ fun and engaging science-based exergames, designed to train individuals to Think & Move™. Additionally, our digital Assessment Suite provides various physical and cognitive tests which are managed by our secure cloud-based case/outcome management portal. This unique set of metrics gives a comprehensive view of a person’s physical and cognitive performance and demonstrates the dramatic effect we have on neuroplasticity – brain adaptations that reduce fall risk, improve executive function, and expand one’s activities of daily living (ADLs). Our full-stack solution promotes an active and healthy lifestyle for all users, specifically benefiting individuals with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MCI, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, as well as orthopedic rehabilitation and sports performance. Dividat is a research-based company that has been utilized in more than 20 published international studies spanning the last decade and is shown to deliver profound effects in improving cognitive health and mobility while reducing falls. To learn more about Dividat’s cognitive-motor solutions visit us at https://dividat.com/en

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