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Yaloop Inc.

5776 Lindero Canyon Rd. D244

Westlake Village, CA, 913062, US



Oron Greenbaum



(818) 217-7511

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Age is knowledge... Age reflects experience. Age reflects proficiency. Age reflects a lifetime of investment made through blood, sweat, and tears. If you are a civil engineer, handyman, tax lawyer, physical therapist, IRS agent, plumber, marine biologist-- whatever your career is, you possess knowledge. What if you could help others with this knowledge... Yaloop can help you make it happen! Now you have a simple way to transfer your knowledge and generate income. The YALOOP Platform Connects people with knowledge with people looking for this expertise on a Pay-Per-Minute Model via smartphone app or web page. You can also help others just for fun, free of charge. Please visit www.yaloop.com

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