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Goode Health, LLC is a purpose driven health & wellness company on a mission to create simple, effective, and science-based solutions to help people live a longer and healthier life. Each member of our team has significant medical & nutrition experience, including our board-certified medical advisors (like Dr. Bob Arnot), and is deeply passionate about creating a healthier American population. Today, ninety percent of Americans don’t get the nutrients they need in their daily diets — and three-fourths of the country’s population is overweight. We offer a 5 in 1 customized nutritional shake to fill these gaps! It's like having a Greens Shake, Protein powder, Fiber supplement, Daily Vitamin, and Antioxidant supplement all in one. Our nutrient-packed product is clinically shown to improve vascular function, reduce inflammation, and more. Plus, it's a standout in the taste department - beating others 3 to 1 in an independent blind taste test. We offer custom made nutrition, health coaching, and blood tests at our website for consumers. Or we offer a 'retail' version of our superfood blend, in either Chocolate or Vanilla, that can be sold as individual bags (25 servings), or used in foodservice as a unique 'booster' for smoothies. For more information, visit: www.goodehealth.com, look for us on Facebook and Instagram, or email at hello@goodehealth.com.

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