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Medical Fitness Solutions, LLC

543 East Alvarado Street

Fallbrook, AL, 92028, US








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Medical Fitness Solutions specializes in rehabilitation products and a nonpharmacological approach to address major aging-related issues. Their product line includes Korebalance®, Nautilus®, Power Plate®, CyberCycle®, Boxmaster, Cognivue®, KoreHBOT, and bioDensity® with MEND functional medical nutrition. The focus is on combating Sarcopenia, Osteoporosis, Balance/Dizziness, Circulatory and Pain issues, Parkinson’s, and Mental Decline, promoting independence in aging adults. The program ensures optimal outcomes and revenue opportunities for caregivers. Live webinars aid in implementing modalities, and a new 2024 certification program focuses on Fall and Fracture reduction for caregivers, including business modeling and ROI. In-service training, either on-site or via webinar, is provided by experienced trainers with 100-plus years in rehabilitation and long-term care. Founded 30 years ago, the company prioritizes holistic, evidence-based programs, setting itself apart with a customer-driven approach, exemplary products, and a commitment to ethical ROI for caregivers.

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