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Global waves across the ages by Mary E. Sanders, PhD, FACSM, RCEP

About a decade ago in Castellón, Spain, splashing around for health started at 10 p.m., just as most people were winding down their day. Thirty-four hardy individuals would slip on swimsuits and jump into the community swimming pool to participate in a WaterFit® study under the leadership of Lourdes Escobar Torres, MD, and Charo Belenguer Benitez. What made this research so unusual was the diversity of participants, all of whom shared the same workout. ... The average age of these individuals was about 40 years old. But families also participated, with 17- to 70-year-olds working out together. How? The buoyancy of water neutralized differences among participants, and the program design allowed every person to tailor exercise intensity to their own needs, thereby allowing teens through grandparents to enjoy a multigenerational fitness experience.

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