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Podcasting: An effective way to tell your story and share industry-related information by Marilynn Larkin, MA

Podcasting, a medium that has been around for more than 20 years, is enjoying a renaissance. ...In its coverage of the Hot Pod Summit, a gathering of key podcast industry decision-makers, Fast Company stated we are in the "golden age" of podcasting. In a recent report, "The Podcast Consumer 2018," Edison Research documented that among monthly podcast listeners, 34% are ages 18-34; 36%, 35-54; and 19%, 55 and older. These data suggest that podcasts have the potential to reach both industry staff and consumers. Further, in its summary, Edison Research notes, "There is tremendous opportunity to grow with persons 55+." Recognizing the potential, three industry organizations recently launched podcasts. The Journal on Active Aging interviewed the professionals involved to learn why and how they started their podcasts, and what the feedback has been so far.

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