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  • Casey Adams

    Casey Adams

    VP Independent LivingMasonic Communities - Kentucky

  • Ginger Anzalone

    Ginger Anzalone

    Vice PresidentVesta

  • Aaron Aslakson

    Aaron Aslakson

    Fitness SpecialistWalker Methodist

  • Sarah Baer-Sinott

    Sarah Baer-Sinott


  • Matthew Barresi

    Matthew Barresi

    Fitness and Aquatics SupervisorWestminster Canterbury of the Blue Ridge

  • Jaclyn Barth

    Jaclyn Barth

    Manager of Corporate Nutrition ServicesSpringpoint Senior Living

  • Jean Brooks

    Jean Brooks

    Senior VP of Therapy and WellnessAmerican Senior Communities

  • Jack Carman

    Jack Carman

    PresidentDesign for Generations LLC

  • Richard Carmona

    Richard Carmona

    17th US Surgeon General, Chief of Health InnovationsCanyon Ranch

  • Verna Chisman

    Verna Chisman

    PresidentAllure Wellness Management Services

  • AJ Cipperly

    AJ Cipperly

    Managing Director of ValeoSolutions Advisors Group

  • Chip Conley

    Chip Conley

    Strategic Advisor of Hospitality and LeadershipAirbnb

  • Richard Cormack

    Richard Cormack

    Fitness and Aquatics AssistantWestminster Canterbury of the Blue Ridge

  • John Cronin

    John Cronin

    PrincipalAG Architecture

  • Eling de-Bruin

    Eling de-Bruin

    ProfessorKarolinska Institute

  • Kevin DeAcosta

    Kevin DeAcosta

    President and CEOThe Highlands at Wyomissing

  • Adam Decker

    Adam Decker

    Senior Director Health & FitnessACTS Retirement

  • Cammy Dennis

    Cammy Dennis

    Fitness DirectorOn Top of the World Communities Inc

  • Donna Diedrich

    Donna Diedrich

    Regional Director of Clinical ServicesAegis Therapies

  • Jessica Drecktrah

    Jessica Drecktrah

    Vice-President, Life EnrichmentPresbyterian Homes and Services

  • Laureen Dubeau

    Laureen Dubeau

    Master Instructor TrainerMerrithew

  • David Dworkin

    David Dworkin


  • Terry Eckmann

    Terry Eckmann

    ProfessorMinot State University

  • Kim Eichinger

    Kim Eichinger

    Executive Director of FitnessCountry Meadows Retirement Communities

  • Jocelyn Elders

    Jocelyn Elders

    15th US Surgeon General, and Distinguished ProfessorUniversity of Arkansas School of Public Health and Clinton School of Public Policy

  • Elizabeth Galik

    Elizabeth Galik

    Associate ProfessorUniversity of Maryland

  • Kathie Garbe

    Kathie Garbe

    Chief of Research and Education DevICAA

  • Gary Gibson

    Gary Gibson

    PastorPresbyterian SeniorCare Network

  • V'Ann Giuffre

    V'Ann Giuffre

    VP of Training OperationsAGE-u-cate Training Institute

  • Cynthia Green

    Cynthia Green

    President Total Brain Health

  • Dr. Whitney Austin Gray

    Dr. Whitney Austin Gray

    Head, Delos InsightsDelos

  • Sharlyn Green

    Sharlyn Green

    OwnerCore Connection LLC

  • Mellany Hanson

    Mellany Hanson

    Director of LifestylesVi-La Jolla

  • Tracey Harvey

    Tracey Harvey

    Business Development SpecialistEmerald City & Queen Anne Senior Living

  • Maya Heinert

    Maya Heinert

    Director of HealthHeart Zones®, Inc.

  • Ayles Herrington

    Ayles Herrington

    Wellness Center DirectorSterling Estates of West Cobb

  • Christine Herziger

    Christine Herziger

    Advance Practice SpecialistAegis Therapies

  • Paul Holbrook

    Paul Holbrook

    OwnerAge Performance

  • Krishea Holloway

    Krishea Holloway

    CEO & PresidentNorth America and Oceania Curves

  • Kimberly Huff

    Kimberly Huff

    Director of Fitness & WellnessActs Retirement-Life Communities

  • Kerry Hughes-Thomas

    Kerry Hughes-Thomas

    Workforce Aging StrategistWorkforce Aging Strategist

  • Donna Hutchinson

    Donna Hutchinson

    OwnerSmiling Hearts Yoga and Fitness Ltd.

  • Stephanie Johnston

    Stephanie Johnston

    President & CEOTranscend Strategy Group

  • Stacey Judge

    Stacey Judge

    Wellness Program Director Springpoint Senior Living

  • Dennis Keiser

    Dennis Keiser

    President / CEOKeiser Corporation

  • Brooks Kenny

    Brooks Kenny

    Executive DirectorWomen Against Alzheimer’s

  • Katie Kensinger

    Katie Kensinger

    Senior Director of Community RelatiJuniper Village at Brookline

  • James Ketterson

    James Ketterson

    Director, Senior LivingChurch Mutual Insurance Company

  • June Kittay

    June Kittay

    CEOTampa Bay Bodies

  • Thomas Klein

    Thomas Klein

    President, Chief Operating OfficerCanyon Ranch

  • Roxy Kline

    Roxy Kline

    Director of Healthy LivingSouthdale YMCA

  • Stephen Klotz

    Stephen Klotz

    ED of Validation EducationCountry Meadows Retirement Communities

  • David Koelling

    David Koelling

    PresidentStrategic Dining Services

  • Cindy Kozacek

    Cindy Kozacek

    Senior Fitness Programming ConsultantCK Fitness

  • Sara Kyle

    Sara Kyle

    Director of Resident ExperienceHoliday Retirement

  • Lorena Lazachick

    Lorena Lazachick

    Director of Administrative SerivcesThe Highlands at Wyomissing

  • Lulu Leathley

    Lulu Leathley

    Founder Lulu Jam

  • Jared Martz

    Jared Martz

    Fitness Center CoordinatorThe Highlands at Wyomissing

  • Rebecca McCarthy

    Rebecca McCarthy

    ConsultantCore Connection, LLC

  • Jill McKenrick

    Jill McKenrick

    Connections DirectorJuniper Village at Brookline

  • Colin Milner

    Colin Milner

    CEOInternational Council on Active Aging

  • Jolene Moore

    Jolene Moore

    Corporate Director LifestylesVi

  • Sandy Mouras

    Sandy Mouras

    Director of Resident LifeThe Forest at Duke

  • Dave Myatt

    Dave Myatt

    VP, Business DevelopmentSuperBetter

  • Lilian Myers

    Lilian Myers

    Managing PartnerEconomyFour

  • Priya Nambisan

    Priya Nambisan

    Associate ProfessorUniversity of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

  • Karen Nelson

    Karen Nelson

    Fitness SpecialistParadise Valley Estates

  • George Netscher

    George Netscher

    CEOSafely You

  • Antonia Novello

    Antonia Novello

    14th US Surgeon General, former Executive Director of Public Health PolicyFlorida Hospital, and currently focused on reconstruction of Puerto Rico

  • Libby Norris

    Libby Norris

    Fitness Manager City of Mississauga

  • Janet Olson

    Janet Olson

    Director of WellnessParadise Valley Estates

  • Ruth Parliament

    Ruth Parliament

    FacultyConestoga College

  • Theresa Perry

    Theresa Perry

    Corporate Director of Wellness Acts Retirement-Life Communities

  • Michael Pietrzak

    Michael Pietrzak

    Executive Chairmanthe Views Development

  • Jessica Pinkowski

    Jessica Pinkowski

    Group Fitness SupervisorOn Top of the World Communities Inc

  • Allissa Raway

    Allissa Raway

    Wellness LeadFriendship Village of Bloomington

  • Matt Reiners

    Matt Reiners

    VP of Customer ExcitementEversound

  • Andrew Renda

    Andrew Renda

    Director, Population Health StrategyHumana

  • Jason Resendez

    Jason Resendez

    Chief of StaffUsAginstAlzheimer's

  • Barbara Resnick

    Barbara Resnick

    ProfessorUniversity of MD School of Nursing

  • Meghan Rodriguez

    Meghan Rodriguez

    Activities Program ManagerThe Forest at Duke

  • Khristine Rogers

    Khristine Rogers

    FounderLongevity XD

  • Debra Rose

    Debra Rose

    Executive DirectorCenter for Successful Aging

  • Jackie Russell

    Jackie Russell

    Program Dev. CoordidnatorOhio Health

  • Tom Rutlin

    Tom Rutlin

    PresidentExerstrider Products Inc.

  • Mary Sanders

    Mary Sanders

    Clinical Assistant Professor & Exercise PhysiologistReno School of Medicine & Community Health Services

  • Sheri Sampson

    Sheri Sampson

    Fitness Program ManagerThe Forest at Duke

  • Linda Sasser

    Linda Sasser

    OwnerBrain and Memory Health

  • David Satcher

    David Satcher

    16th US Surgeon General, and Founding Director and Senior AdvisorSatcher Health Leadership Institute, Morehouse School of Medicine

  • Annie Shaffer

    Annie Shaffer

    Wellness DirectorSunnyside Communities

  • William Shrank

    William Shrank

    Chief Medical OfficerHumana

  • Tricia Silverman

    Tricia Silverman

    Registered DietitianTricia Silverman Wellness

  • Kim Smith

    Kim Smith

    Director of Culinary & Dining ServicesSenior Living Residences

  • Sandy Stoub

    Sandy Stoub

    Director of Wellness ServicesSymbria Rehab

  • Kelly Stranburg

    Kelly Stranburg

    Wellness DirectorMather Lifeways

  • Nora Super

    Nora Super

    Senior DirectorMilken Institute - Center for the Future of Aging

  • Beth Swensen

    Beth Swensen

    Project ManagerTouchtown Inc.

  • Ted Teele

    Ted Teele

    CEO Touchtown Inc.

  • Andrew Tubman

    Andrew Tubman

    Chief Clinical OfficerMusical Health Technologies

  • Kris Tynan

    Kris Tynan

    Health and Fitness DirectorExercise as Medicine NZ

  • Patricia VanGalen

    Patricia VanGalen

    OwnerActive & Agile

  • Kay Van Norman

    Kay Van Norman

    PresidentBrilliant Aging

  • Laura Warf

    Laura Warf

    Founder & PresidentSchool of Happiness

  • Luanne Whitmarsh

    Luanne Whitmarsh

    Consultant on Aging

  • Karen Woodard

    Karen Woodard

    PresidentPremium Performance Training

  • Jack York

    Jack York

    PresidentIt's Never 2 Late

  • David Zid

    David Zid

    Leader and CreatorOhio Health Delay the Disease

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