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[UNSUNG HEROES] Purple plaques counter ageism in London, UK

"The UK's “unsung older heroes” recently appeared on plaques alongside some of the country's famous historical figures as part of a campaign tackling ageism. "

[CLEAN UP!] Doing household chores tied to lower dementia risk

"Physical activities such as household chores, exercise, and visiting with family and friends may help lower the risk of dementia, according to a study that looked at the effects of these activities, as well as mental activities and use of electronic devices, in people both with and without a higher genetic risk for dementia."

[WINS, WOES] Best and worst states for health and wellness

"Life Extension has released a study documenting that the wellness industry is projected to be valued at $7 trillion by 2025 and also pinpoints the best and worst US states for wellness in 2022, based on analyses of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Census Bureau, National Parks Service and Google Trends. "

[METAVERSE ME] Healthcare execs expect positive impact from metaverse

"IT company Accenture recently released its Digital Health Technology Vision 2022, which shows, among much else, that 81% of healthcare executives expect the metaverse to have a positive impact on the healthcare industry."

[READY, SET, GO!] Design competition targets the health span

"The Stanford Center on Longevity has launched its 10th annual design challenge, offering cash prizes and free entrepreneur mentorship in a competition open to university students and others around the world who want to design products and services that optimize long life."

Baycrest study reveals whether you’re 18 or 80, lifestyle may be more important than age in determining dementia risk

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‘You are what you eat,’ and now researchers know exactly what you’re eating

"An international team of scientists, led by researchers at University of California San Diego, report a new method called untargeted metabolomics to identify the vast number of molecules derived from food that were previously unidentified, but that appear in our blood and our stool. "

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