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[BACK TO BASICS] Basic social needs lacking for older adults with mental illness

"A study of 56,000 US Medicare Advantage enrollees (mean age, 71; 58%, women; 78%, White) identified the prevalence and risks associated with health-related social needs (HRSNs), including food insecurity and inadequate housing, and mental illness. The authors found that 38.6% of participants had at least one mental illness diagnosis; 54% had an HRSN; and 25.3% had both mental illness and an HRSN in the past year. The association of mental illness with the presence of HRSNs was most substantial among those with a serious and persistent mental illness"

[WORK IT!] HR Trends for 2023

"There’s a need for human resources to “enhance its strategic skill set and monitor increasing HR stress and burnout levels,” according to a new HR Trends 2023 report from McLean & Company, based on a survey of 1, 075 business professionals in small, medium and large companies."

[INCONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION] Ultra-processed food linked to cognitive decline

"In a multicenter study of 10,775 individuals (mean age at enrollment, 52; 55%, women; 53%, white), higher consumption of ultraprocessed foods (UPFs) was associated with a higher rate of global and executive function decline after a median follow-up of eight years. "

[GREEN POWER] Meeting the 3-30-300 green space rule tied to better mental health

"Urban green space has many well-known health benefits, including longer life expectancy, fewer mental health problems and better cognitive functioning. However, exactly how much green space is needed to improve people’s health remains an open question."

[AI EVERYWHERE] Futurist reveals top 10 tech trends for 2023

"Futurist Bernard Marr has released the top-10 emerging tech trends he thinks will be shaping the digital world in the 2023, and business leaders should be prepared for. Most are relevant to the active-aging industry and senior living communities. Here's a glimpse of the top three. For details on all 10, click on the link below."

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