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ICAA's Research Review newsletter is a must for any health and wellness professional who intends to stay connected with the latest developments in aging research and population trends. Use these news stories to stay on top of the evidence in surveys, studies and polls that enables you to connect to the global active-aging community, establish relevant programs, and educate and market to older adults.



Stats: 80% of older Americans can't withstand a financial shock
Stereotypes about older workers leading to premature retirement
Emotional wellbeing linked to women's gut health
Multigenerational attitudes toward technology for healthy aging
Cost of family caregiving skyrockets
Tech Talk: Internet usage could halve dementia risk

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Stats: 76% of adults 55+ use digital health
Green, leafy vegetable consumption tied to fewer signs of AD
Frequent socializing linked to longer lifespan in adults 60+
Midlife physical activity, healthy behaviors vital for active later life
Older female shift workers especially likely to be frail
Tech Talk: Generative AI: "hot market, high hopes for growth"

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Stats: Half of US women forgo preventive health services
UK prevention/enablement model boosts wellness, cuts costs
Wellness economy correlates with country-level happiness, health
Physical activity level linked to risks of hospitalization
Thai community program curbs family caregiver burden
Tech Talk: Smart blood glucose meter and app tied to better glycemic control

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Stats: 13% of adults 50-80 addicted to junk food
Planting trees can prevent heat-related deaths
Prevalence of older-adult disabilities declines
What type of exercise is best for Parkinson's?
Brain health benefits economies globally
Tech Talk: Enterprise platforms key for senior living

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Stats: Senior housing occupancy highest at 83%
Best diets for bones and joints, inflammation, more
Multiple brief bursts of daily activity beneficial
Good hydration linked to healthy aging
Beyond "big": health benefits of resistance training
Tech Talk: User experience key to digital health tech

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Stats: 65% of residents say robots improved dining experience
Linking earned media to action: PR power white paper
Social connections tied to slower cognitive decline
NIH releases 2022 dementia research progress report
Designing societies that benefit all generations: Roadmap
Tech Talk: Motion capture for creating metaverse avatars launches

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