What's new: The business case for wellness programs in senior living.


ICAA's Research Review newsletter is a must for any health and wellness professional who intends to stay connected with the latest developments in aging research and population trends. Use these news stories to stay on top of the evidence in surveys, studies and polls that enables you to connect to the global active-aging community, establish relevant programs, and educate and market to older adults.



Only 23% of 50+ adults have a stocked emergency kit on hand
Workplace diversity favored, but only for others
Driving cessation linked to social isolation
Older adults using cannabis at "unprecedented" rates
Healthy lifestyle lowers type 2 diabetes risk by 75%
Tech Talk: Streaming content via connected hearing aids

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Stats: Neurorehab market worth US$3.2 billion by 2024
On-demand ride services boost access to care, curb social isolation
High-intensity step rehab enhances stroke survivors' walking ability
Employees say companies should help them build skills
Restless legs syndrome linked to suicide, self-harm
Tech Talk: DTC treatment via telemed: what you need to know

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Stats: 46% of adults 70+ wrongly take daily aspirin
Consumer robots evolving: What you need to know
Resistance training empowers healthy aging: position paper
Coping strategy therapy helps family caregivers, saves money
NSAIDs may increase heart risks in people with osteoarthritis
Tech Talk: Can consumer wearables detect cognitive decline?

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Stats: 76% of adults 75+ take dietary supplements
Employees make healthier choices with "traffic light" food labels
Subjective wellbeing linked to longer life without disability, illness
Hearing loss tied to mental, physical, social ills in older people
Caregiver depression linked to more ED visits by dementia patients
Tech Talk: Short-term walking can have long-term benefits

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Stats: 60% of adults 50+ concerned about opioid overuse
Income disparities among younger Boomers harm health, wealth
Low vitamin K tied to low mobility and disability in older adults
Education plus intergenerational contact reduce ageism
Increased trust may make older adults vulnerable to victimization
Tech Talk: Smart speakers may detect signs of cardiac arrest, call 911

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Stats: 25 million adults 65+ open to telehealth
Researchers urge personalized approach to brain health
Falls a top reason for hospital readmissions
Health news "spin" affects caregiver views of treatment benefits
Vitamin D supplementation unlikely to help heart
Tech Talk: Telerehab comparable to in-clinic therapy

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