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ICAA's Research Review newsletter is a must for any health and wellness professional who intends to stay connected with the latest developments in aging research and population trends. Use these news stories to stay on top of the evidence in surveys, studies and polls that enables you to connect to the global active-aging community, establish relevant programs, and educate and market to older adults.



Stats: Advertising stereotypes rile 88% of older UK adults
Struggles predicted for middle-income older adults
What do potential gym members want?
"Enormous potential" of active-adult rental properties highlighted
Practical research studies inspire best practices

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Stats: 81% of workers will weigh mental health support in future job decisions
Spirituality tied to better health, community: Expert panel
Gardening, art-making may cultivate better mental health
Lifestyle, not age, may be key to dementia risk
Psychological resilience tied to better walking ability after hip surgery
Tech Talk: Free self-help app optimizes future well-being

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Stats: Cognitive impairment risk 137% higher with sight problem
Feeling younger boosts likelihood of successful rehab
Game using dual-task exercises yields cognitive, physical benefits
Everyday ageism more common among those in poor health
Light exposure during sleep tied to obesity, diabetes, hypertension
Tech Talk: Many digital health startups lack robustness

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Stats: Rehab equipment market worth $19.8 billion by 2027
Gratitude key to managing stress, relationships at work
Report reveals progress in US LGBTQ older adult experiences, services
Global transformation needed to ensure healthy longevity for all
Social isolation linked to lower brain volume, higher dementia risk

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Stats: Biological age of brisk walkers up to 16 years younger
Poor eyesight unfairly mistaken for brain decline
New metric puts health above chronology in calculating aging burden
Novel advance care planning approach favored in Canada
Moderate exercise curbs kidney function decline in sedentary older adults
Tech Talk: Women's health apps don't meet basic privacy, security standards

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Stats: Fitness equipment market to reach $18.5 billion by 2026
Life-long exercise could keep muscles, nerves healthy in older age
Holistic employee wellbeing programs more personal, accessible
Alcohol abuse starting over age 40 could signal dementia
Biological age diagnostics will predict healthspan, lifespan
Tech Talk: Senior Living report highlights growth of engagement

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