What's new: The business case for wellness programs in senior living.


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Brookdale's Ageless Spirit initiative supports spiritual wellness in later life

Established in 1978, Brookdale Senior Living ... “is committed to providing an exceptional living experience,” comments Public Relations Manager Andrea Turner. Optimum Life®, Brookdale’s philosophy of well-being, “establishes the foundation for a positive aging experience by supporting the whole-person wellness of residents and associates through six key dimensions,” Turner says. “Each year, the Optimum Life team identifies one dimension of wellness as the foundation for developing an annual wellness theme,” states Carol Cummings, BSN, RN, CHWC, director of Optimum Life development. “As part of the theme, a campaign is launched that includes educational and health promotion programs developed to enrich the lives of residents and associates and further position Brookdale as a leader in senior health and wellness. The most recent program, The Ageless Spirit, focuses on the spiritual wellness dimension.”

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