What's new: The business case for wellness programs in senior living.

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Nov/Dec 2014

MOTIVATION Person-centered approaches to connect with people with dementia in the moment

MARKETING Alexis Abramson takes aim at marketing to age 50+ consumers

SPLASH! A prescription for success: performing negative exercise in water to achieve positive results

ICAA INITIATIVES ICAA Champions: introducing Groton Senior Center

MANAGEMENT How Landis Communities fosters a consumer-centric culture

ICAA INNOVATORS IntergenSational! A Plymouth Place initiative connects "the young and the young at heart"

ICAA INNOVATORS The Windham's "Going Green" program enhances wellness and community

ICAA INNOVATORS Active-aging innovators present models of success

ICAA INITIATIVES ICAA recaps the yea: a 2014 review of activities and accomplishments

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