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About us


ICAA's mission includes advocacy of active aging as the solution to improving quality of life for aging adults. To help accomplish this goal the ICAA has created valuable relationships and partnerships--combined with the professional resources and network of ICAA--that can assist in helping to change the way we age, and the way in which society perceives aging.

Current relationships and partnerships

Aging in Motion Collation
American Diabetic Education Program
American Occupational Therapy Association
American Physical Therapy Association
Athletic Business
Canadian Fitness Professional Association
Jewish Community Center Association
National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
National Falls Free Initiative
Osteoarthritis Action Alliance
President's Council on Fitness and Sports

ICAA initiatives to inspire active aging:

Active aging week
Changing the Way We Age Campaign®
Nine principle of active aging©
Choosing age-friendly fitness centers and trainers
Welcome back to fitness
Older adult resources, i.e. web-based information on walking and foot care
ICAA Professional resources to promote active aging
Age-friendly facility planning and equipment design
Support packages to reach older adults and the media.
ICAA Functional levels

The tools to promote active aging

ICAA promotes active aging through public campaigns and professional resources for association members. Selected resources are available to nonmembers.

To learn more please call, 1-866-335-9777.

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