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ICAA Salary & Benefits Survey

The definitive guide to the roles, responsibilities and compensation of wellness staff working with older adults, the Salary & Benefits Survey 2015, sponsored by Precor, includes input from 17 positions, ranging from senior managers through directors, coordinators and instructors, and compensation for 11 job titles. A special section reports on the attitudes of workers toward their jobs. The survey includes the 36-page Industry Report and the 84-page profiles of key positions: wellness, activities, fitness and programs.

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Together with the “Career Path for Wellness Professional for Older Adults,” the results of the ICAA’s Salary & Benefits Survey help organizations structure the wellness function, aid professionals in planning their careers and provide educators with a summary of skills needed by people providing wellness for older adults.

Unique aspects of the ICAA survey

• The ICAA Salary & Benefits Survey focuses on the occupations and disciplines within the wellness/lifestyle function. (Other organizations field compensation surveys that focus more on the jobs in administration, operations and health care or fitness occupations.)

• Brief descriptions of job responsibilities are included so respondents can generally indicate the work they perform to clarify the relation of work performed to job titles. This is a useful tool since job titles and responsibilities can vary widely among organizations.

• A special section on the Wellness Work Environment will compare the opinions of respondents to the results of national surveys conducted by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM). This will the first time that the opinions of members of the wellness workforce are explored on a national level.

How the survey responses will be used

“About the organization where you work,” is used for demographics to sort the input by type of organization and geographic region. Input can also be sorted by the type of population you work with.

“About your position,” asks questions that human resources departments use to compare job titles and compensation levels with other organizations. These answers also indicate how organizations are staffing lifestyle and wellness. These responses provide needed information for crafting job descriptions and developing career paths.

”About your work environment,” asks a few questions about satisfaction with the workplace. The input is ANONYMOUS. The aggregated results of the survey will be compared to responses collected by the Society for Human Resources Management to see how the active-aging workforce compares with other industries.

Job roles in the survey

Activities, engagement or lifestyle coordinator, assistant or director; Activities, engagement or lifestyle director, overseeing multiple locations; Art, music or other allied therapist or instructor; CEO, COO or similar title; Executive director; Fitness director, coordinator or assistant; Fitness trainer, fitness specialist, personal trainer; Group exercise instructor, coordinator or director; Health educator; Program manager; Recreation therapist or recreation specialist; Resident life director, coordinator or assistant; Wellness coordinator or assistant; Wellness director; Wellness director, overseeing multiple locations; Other

How to get the survey results

Articles summarizing the results will be published in the Journal on Active Aging. The full report, which divides responses by type or organization and job titles, will be available through the ICAA, Staffing research.

Trouble answering the survey

If you have difficulty with the online survey, email info@icaa.cc and request a survey form. You will be emailed the form.


If you have questions, or if your manager or human resources representative has questions, please contact ICAA, info@icaa.cc

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