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ICAA Education courses

Foundation for Wellness certificate courseCreating a new standard in wellness education

What you can expect

The ICAA’s Foundation for Wellness certification course provides you the vital wellness knowledge and skills upon which to establish or enhance your wellness culture.

Each module includes:

  • Module objectives
  • Definitions and general concepts on the subject
  • Science and facts about the topic
  • Case studies
  • Actions for wellness
  • Conclusion
  • 10 question quiz
  • A valuable reference list that can be used as resources in the future

Note: All participants will receive articles, examples, and videos which serve to reinforce the information in the module.

Module topics

  • Course introduction
  • What is wellness?
  • The physical dimension of wellness
  • The social dimension of wellness
  • The spiritual dimension of wellness
  • The vocational dimension of wellness
  • The environmental dimension of wellness
  • The emotional dimension of wellness
  • The intellectual dimension of wellness
  • A clear and comprehensive vision of wellness

This certificate is earned by successfully passing the quizzes with an average of 80% or higher.


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