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The ICAA Forum brings together thought leaders from many organizations--both private and public--to form a think tank that develops strategies to turn the challenges facing senior living providers into opportunities. Launched in 2005, the meetings forge connections among industry leaders while promoting understanding and cohesive action around the ultimate goal: health and quality of life as people age.

Insights from ICAA Forum 2017: Optimize environments for health and wellnes

Insights from ICAA Forum 2017: Optimize environments for health and wellness

The roadmap for achieving health and well-being is found within the dimensions of wellness, which provide a framework for serving the wants and needs of all age groups. The environmental dimension can encourage or discourage older adults in leading active, engaged lives. From indoors to outdoors, what environments will be needed to support active aging and wellness?

To answer that question, the ICAA Forum on May 24, 2017, brought together the thought leadership of 65 senior managers in the fields of design and development, senior living, rehabilitation services, community services and industry suppliers to develop a framework for merging concepts of health and well-being into the built environment and the spaces within and outside the buildings. Delegates freely shared their knowledge and experiences to consider options for the ultimate goals: health and well-being for older adults.

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Insights from ICAA Forum 2017: Optimize environments for health and wellnes

Framing the return on investment (ROI) in wellness staff

The outcomes of a lifestyle/wellness program are determined by the competency of staff members and support from senior management. Wellness staff members impact satisfaction, revenue and social accountability, according to leaders at the ICAA Forum development meeting. Find lists of expectations for the wellness program and staff and methods to evaluate return on investment (ROI) in hiring, coaching and educating lifestyle/wellness staff. This report coordinates with the Career Path for Wellness Professionals white paper.

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The future of technology for active aging

ICAA Forum 2016: The future of technology for active aging

Technology has a lot of potential to aid providers in senior living and community agencies. Discover the five key considerations for successful implementation of technology, along with recommendations for active-aging providers and for technology developers. A checklist for evaluating technology is a useful tool. Developed during the ICAA Forum think tank meeting.

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ICAA Forum Report November 2015

Inspiring wellness across organizations

By reverse engineering the ideal scenario for wellness, Forum participants identified the factors that enable organizations to incorporate wellness across their values and operations. The rapid-fire visioning of the future when a wellness culture is firmly in place led to strategic areas and suggestions that could be implemented by many types of organizations dedicated to the philosophies of active aging and wellness.


ICAA Forum Report April 2015

Strategies for bringing wellness to people with cognitive decline

This blueprint for action lists 14 strategies for culture, staffing, programming and physical environments aimed at providing the most positive experiences for people with mild-to-moderate dementias. Family members and colleagues are considered within the implementation tactics.


ICAA Forum Report November 2014

Discovering the connections between brain health and wellness Summary and Next Steps

Where do active aging and wellness fit into the conversation surrounding the need to support people with cognitive decline and dementias? Is there an opportunity to support quality of life and perhaps mediate the changes in cognition through wellness interventions and opportunities? These are the questions delegates to the ICAA Forum addressed.


ICAA Forum April 2014 report

ICAA Forum 2014: Strategies that create an environment for wellness

The purpose of the ICAA Forum 2014 was to develop actionable recommendations that many organizations can use to create and/or enhance the environments that are necessary to support wellness and quality of life for older adults, no matter what sector of the industry.


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