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Men and women ages 50 and older have a wide range of interests, abilities and needs. This website helps older adults and physicians find fitness and wellness facilities dedicated to serving 50-plus adults of different abilities. It also helps individuals find 55+ residential communities, health stores and community services that can help them achieve the style of life they desire.

The International Council on Active Aging® (ICAA) recognizes these organizations as committed to creating products, services and settings for older adults.

This site is divided into sections for the general public, physicians and facility operators. Please see the menu in the left margin for links to take you to the right section for your needs.

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This initiative was created as part of a relationship between the ICAA and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).

ICAA code of conduct

As a participant in the ICAA age-friendly fitness and wellness facilities and services locator, we agree to operate our facility(s) in accordance with the ICAA Code of Conduct, as set out below:

To follow and conform to all relevant industry standards and guidelines for serving the health and wellness needs of our older clients.

To offer age-specific health screening and testing to ensure our clients receive appropriate exercise prescription (cardiovascular, strength and balance training, with a warm-up and cooldown period) based on an individual's level of function and desired goals.

To provide a trustworthy, safe and caring exercise environment for our clients.

To open our facility(s) to people of all races, creeds and nationalities.

To hire staff members who are qualified, certified and/or registered by a nationally recognized organization that specializes in exercise for the 50-plus population.

To refer our clients to professionals who can better serve them, if their goals or health conditions are beyond our scope of practice.

To educate on an ongoing basis our staff, our older clients and their families, and the medical community about healthy aging.

To offer programs, services, staff, equipment and physical plant(s) that meet the needs of the functional level(s) our facility(s) commits to serving.

To create a positive vision of aging in all our marketing materials.

To provide emergency training for staff, as well as an appropriate emergency action plan that staff can execute in a timely manner.

To follow the outlined ICAA age-friendly facility recommendations.

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