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Six tips to change the way you age right now

Here’s what you can do to start changing the way you age right now:

Start or vow to continue healthy lifestyle behaviors—regular physical activity, appropriate diet--that permit you to stay as active as possible.

Ignore ageist stereotypes—the fact that you’ve reached a certain age does not mean you are doomed to decline mentally and/or physically.

Socialize with others--people who engage with others are less likely to feel depressed and isolated and more likely to feel happy and optimistic about their lives.

Expand your knowledge and skills—lifelong learning can help you find greater meaning in your life.

Avoid quick fixes—if something sounds too good to be true, it is. “Companies that sell so-called ‘anti-aging’ products are simply graywashing,” says Milner. “That means they’re exploiting the fear of aging by positioning their products as ‘cures’ or ‘fixes.’ But aging is a natural process, not a disease, and an older person isn’t a ‘broken’ version of a younger one.”

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