What's new: Creating your blueprint for a wellness-based community.

Coronavirus response center

As you begin to reopen your exercise equipment areas and pool, what will be your guidelines? Will you require your residents to wear masks while exercising or will you only have them be at least 6 feet apart?

We have a team of key staff and residents who have formed Operation Safe Journey, a program to reopen our community in planned phases following CDC and South Carolina state guidelines. Phase 1 begins this week and next, The phase includes the opening of the hair and nail salon, the Pub, nurse wellchecks, and the Fitness Area only of the Wellness Center. The Fitness Area includes our cardio and strength machines. We are allowed up to 6 exercisers at a time according to the 5 people per 1000 sq ft. rule. We created an exercise session schedule of 45 minute sessions Monday through Friday. Sessions must be booked by reservation and are for residents only. Between each session is 20 minutes for staff to clean all surfaces and the restroom. Residents coming in must have their temperature taken and answer question re: coughs, exposure, etc. No equipment is to be shared and no exercising side-by-side is allowed. 6 feet of distancing is required. Residents must clean equipment before and after use. Staff will wear masks and gloves while helping residents in the Wellness Center. Exercisers need not wear masks. We will run Phase 1 for a few weeks before implementing Phase 2, which the team is working on currently. Phase 2 will probably include very small resident classes. According to the sq ft rule, only 5 can enter our classroom at a time (we used to run classes of 30!) Later phases will include the pool, staff usage, and our very large and very patient group of non-resident members.

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