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Coronavirus response center

How are you, your team, and your organization ensuring the physical, emotional, and mental health of your residents and or members during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Activity Services at Still Hopes Retirement Community formed a "Corona Virus Blues Team" of residents. We did this years ago when our community was under a major construction project. So at this time brainstorming ideas of ways to safely stimulate social interaction, entertainment, and general good humor, this group came up with the following: Joke of the Day posted Rope Walks (measure 6 feet and people walk holding the rope.) Bingo using disposable cards and sanitizable markers...6 feet apart 10 people in 2 closed sections of our event center side by side, accommodating 20 players. Caller is outside of the 2 areas. Movies on our big screen can be shown in 2 sections of event center, again accommodating 20. People sign up for the 10 a.m. or the 2 p.m. showing. Hey, Neighbor at noon--go out on your balcony or patio at noon and wave/call greetings to your neighbors. Folks in our houses walk over to the outside area where they can chat with the balcony/patio folks. We are distributing bubbles for them to blow to their neighbors for April Fools Day. Formed a quartet and an ensemble to sing out on our bistro deck and areas for people to come out on patios/balconies and sing along. Face Time Fridays to assist residents to do this. Recording residents doing programs of interest and downloading to our in-house TV channel. We are bless with many residents and activity staff members who are teachers or lecturers or storytellers or entertainers that we plan to record. A sub team is also working on a comedy show to be recorded. Live streaming our worship services. Small trivia groups Small reminiscing groups A sewing brigade is underway to make personal protective equipment....masks currently....may do gowns also. When the bar had to close, folks resumed their happy hour 10 at the time, 6 feet apart in the elevator lobby on each floor of the apartment building. They say this has allowed them to get to know their neighbors better. All groups must be sign up for so that people don't come and be turned away because there are more than 10.


teresa  April 07, 2020

Can you share what is your source for disposable bingo cards available? And sanitizable markers?

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