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[LISTEN UP] Public wants details about OTC hearing aids

"Over-the-counter hearing aids will be coming to the market soon, but results from a new poll by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) reveals a lack of knowledge about who these products will be intended for and how they should be used, pointing to an educational gap."

[HEART FOCUS] Campaign urges focus on heart health during pandemic

"New data show 66% of US adults are concerned that the pandemic is getting in the way of their healthy habits. The Start Small. Live Big. campaign from the encourages adults to take small steps to get back to living big."

[PLANT (FOOD) POWER] Food-as-medicine resource highlights plant-based eating pattern

"The American College of Lifestyle Medicine, a medical professional society based in St. Louis, Missouri, has announced the availability of a 10-part series of research white papers on the benefits of a whole food, plant-predominant dietary lifestyle for treatment of multiple chronic conditions. The food-as-medicine collection is an evidence-based compilation resource for medical professionals treating patients with chronic diseases that can also be useful as a wellness resource for active-aging professionals."

[TRUSTWORTHY?] How new leaders build — or lose — trust over time: study

"Some leaders — particularly minorities — may start with low levels of trust, but research from Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis shows they can quickly build followers' trust through transformational leadership and thus be effective."

[DREAM ON!] Inspiration bests sleep, sex, treats

"People value inspiration more than sleep, sex and treats according to a global survey that highlights the importance of inspiration in people’s lives. The 99-page pdf is full of data, strategies and resources that marketers and others can use to inspire current members/residents and potential customers."

[SET YOUR SITES RIGHT] What consumers appreciate on business websites

"About two-fifths of consumers (39%) are attracted to color schemes more than any other visual elements on business websites, according to a report from Top Design Firms, a directory of digital and creative agencies. Since many active-aging organizations continue to rely on websites to help sell their communities and services, it makes sense to maximize a website’s potential."

[NYC STATE OF MIND] Pandemic hits older adults mentally, socially

"Mental health and social wellness suffered among adults ages 70+ living in the community in New York City, according to research from the global health division of Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. Active-aging organizations - particularly seniors centers and area agencies on aging - should be aware of the findings and help ensure that their constituents are getting the services they may need, especially as the delta variant has spurred a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases."

[BRAND NEW] Rethinking brand for digital marketing

"Global marketing company WARC has produced a 63-page white paper and other resources to assist marketers in rethinking strategies post-pandemic. While positioned as rethinking brand for the rise of digital commerce, in fact the white paper cuts across industries, with insights from media owners such as Facebook and Google as well as other experts whose perspectives are likely applicable to active-aging marketers. Selling communities and services online is becoming increasingly important as the pandemic persists and in-person tours and interactions take a back seat."

[WHAT WORKS] Strategies to keep Boomers working in senior living

"Senior living organizations that want to retain older workers should consider providing wellness programming for employees and fostering a workplace perceived as supportive and inclusive for workers of ages, emphasizing intergenerational connections. Otherwise, Boomer employees may leave the organization for retirement or other career opportunities, or show their dissatisfaction. "

[GET CONNECTED] Canadians need to spend time with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors

"Sixty percent of Canadians are feeling somewhat or much lonelier since the start of the pandemic, according to a survey conducted by The GenWell Project in partnership with the University of Victoria. Like similar surveys (see NYC State of Mind, below) the results point to the importance of social connections to overcome pandemic-related loneliness, anxieties and burnout. As the world seems to be in a new pandemic wave, organizations and communities will need to continue to focus on many of the technology/digital strategies that helped get constituents and staff through the original pandemic."

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