What's new: The business case for wellness programs in senior living.

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The SHINE program scientifically examines six individual points of focus to create a holistic memory care plan that’s specially designed to fit each resident’s unique needs and abilities

"Discovery Senior Living has announced the nationwide launch of SHINE, an exclusive memory care program designed and developed by the company. SHINE is a unique approach to memory care that uses scientific principles to promote engagement, comprehension, and lifestyle quality for seniors suffering from dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease or other memory-related diagnoses"

Videos, music on tablets boost moods of Dementia patients and caregivers

"Dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, often afflicts patients with negative moods: confusion, anger, sadness or apathy. Negative emotions also affect caregivers, who are often family members with little formal training to cope with the stress of caring for a loved one."

Think declining mental sharpness 'just comes with age'? Think again, say experts

"Declining mental sharpness just comes with age, right? Not so fast, say geriatrics researchers and clinicians gathered at a prestigious 2018 conference hosted by the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) with support from the National Institute on Aging (NIA)."

Serious falls are a health risk for adults under 65

"Adults who take several prescription medications are more likely to experience serious falls, say Yale researchers and their co-authors in a new study."

Slower walking speed may predict future mobility problems

"Being able to walk outside for several blocks at a leisurely pace plays an important role in living a vibrant, healthy life. "

Thrive Senior Living expand footprint with acquisition of Savannah Commons

"Innovative industry leader adopts largest community to date, invests in growth of human experience."

Interior wall brings breath of fresh air to home of the future

"More than 3.8 million deaths worldwide each year are blamed on household air pollution, and scientists are turning to many strategies to try to clean the air in homes and business, including the use of everyday plants."

The Yogen Früz Brain Project encourages Canadians to get a "head start" on brain health

"The Baycrest Foundation connects artists, celebrities and researchers to change the future of brain health"

Where technology and aging intersect, gerontologists chart path forward

"The latest issue of the journal The Gerontologist from The Gerontological Society of America contains 21 articles highlighting the state-of-the-art research regarding aging and technology, and offering guidance for the future. "

Researchers call for personalized approach to aging brain health

"People are living longer than ever before, but brain health isn't keeping up. "

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