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What factors predict when older adults will stop driving?

"What factors lead older adults to stop driving? A new study followed older adults who had no memory or thinking problems to examine this question. The study is published in the May 22, 2024, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology."

Heat's toll on aging populations: Projections and policy implications

"Up to an additional 246 million older adults around the world are projected to be exposed to dangerous acute heat by the year 2050, compared to current levels — with those living in Asia and Africa experiencing the most severe effects — suggests a Nature Communications paper. The findings of the research can help inform regional heat risk assessments and public health decision-making. An interactive visualization dashboard displays the current and projected demographic changes and heat-related hazards across world countries."

Turning to Artificial Intelligence to disentangle the exposome

"How AI can help analyze a lifetime of environmental exposures"

A Mediterranean diet can ease symptoms of stress and anxiety

"It’s no secret that the Mediterranean diet is good for your health. Already recommended to reduce the risks of bowel cancer, heart disease, and dementia, new research from the University of South Australia shows that the Mediterranean diet can also reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety."

‘MUSIC map’ reveals some brain cells age faster and are more prevalent in Alzheimer’s

"Engineers at the University of California San Diego have discovered that some brain cells age more rapidly than others, and they are disproportionately abundant in individuals afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, researchers observed sex-specific differences in the aging process of certain brain cells, with the female cortex exhibiting a higher ratio of “old” oligodendrocytes to “old” neurons compared to the male cortex."

National Center to Reframe Aging to collaborate with University of Minnesota, Minnesota Leadership Council on Aging

"The National Center to Reframe Aging — the leading organization for proven communication strategies and tools to effectively frame aging issues — is partnering with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health's Center for Healthy Aging and Innovation and the Minnesota Leadership Council on Aging to advance effective communication strategies from the National Center to Reframe Aging throughout the state."

Why do we move slower the older we get? New study delivers answers

"It’s one of the inescapable realities of aging: The older we get, the slower we tend to move—whether we’re walking around the block or just reaching for the remote control."

What we can learn from a Supercentenarian

"Physicians Contemplate What They Can Learn From the Late Pearl Berg, Once Cedars-Sinai’s Oldest Patient"

Using health records to predict patients’ risk of falling

"Patients’ risk of falling in the next 12 months could be predicted from their NHS data using a newly developed calculator. "

Understaffed nursing homes in disadvantaged neighborhoods more likely to overuse antipsychotics

"Boosting staffing may help limit use of “chemical restraints,” study finds"

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