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[SHAPE OF YOU] Most men think a ‘dad bod’ is OK

"The majority of men are complacent and uninformed about their greatest health risks, according to a recent survey by concierge medicine firm MDVIP and Ipsos. Over half of the men (55%) surveyed say they're okay with a dad bod – the characteristic paunchy physique that men can develop with age and that women reportedly desire. Moreover, a staggering 94% of men failed a Men's Health IQ Quiz, which tested their knowledge on the common health issues that affect men."

[MENTAL HELP] Pandemic propels older adults to seek mental health care

"A survey exploring the mental health care sentiments of more than 3,800 US adults ages 65 and older by online private health insurance firm, eHealth, Inc. (Santa Clara, California) found that the pandemic has changed how older adults feel about their own wellbeing, as well as how they think about mental health care."

[NATURE, NOT NURTURE] Hurricanes tied to rise in US deaths, infections, diseases

"Over recent decades, hurricanes and other tropical cyclones in the US were associated with up to 33.4% higher death rates from several major causes in subsequent months, according to a recent study that exemplifies how far-reaching and varied the hidden costs to life could be from climate-related disasters and climate change."

[NOSTALGIA ANALGESIA] Reflecting on fond memories can relieve pain

"Nostalgia can reduce pain perception by decreasing activity in pain-related brain areas as well as subjective ratings of thermal pain, according to a recent study. It’s something worth trying."

[CREATURE COMFORT] ElliQ, a digital companion, now available for sale

"After years in development and testing, and in time to help address pandemic-induced loneliness, Intuition Robotics’ ElliQ is now available for sale. Thousands of older adults applied to use ElliQ during the testing period, hundreds were chosen, and data showed high engagement scores for the robot, positioned as the sidekick for healthier, happier aging. "

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