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A common Diabetes drug has a surprising side gig: muscle protector

"You might not think of diabetes when you think of muscle function. But a common diabetes drug that regulates blood sugar can also prevent muscle atrophy and muscular fibrosis—which can help the elderly bounce back faster from injury or illness."

Opting for olive oil could boost brain health

"A new study suggests that incorporating olive oil into your diet could help reduce the risk of dying from dementia. As many countries face rising rates of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, the study offers hope that healthy lifestyle factors such as diet can help to prevent or slow the progression of these devastating conditions."

Older women at risk for Alzheimer’s disease may benefit from yoga

"Kundalini yoga, a form of yoga that focuses on breathing, meditation, and mental visualization, appeared beneficial for older women who had risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease and concerns about episodes of memory decline, according to a UCLA Health study."

Dementia becomes an emergency 1.4 million times a year

"A busy, crowded, confusing emergency room is not an ideal place for a person living with dementia."

New study reveals why defense against brain corrosion declines in people with Alzheimer’s disease

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Study reveals prevalence of Alzheimer’s across U.S.

"What counties have the highest number of residents with Alzheimer’s disease?"

[BUMMER] Half of TikTok videos about Boomers reinforce stereotypes

"Half of popular TikTok videos about Boomers portray older adults negatively, risking reinforcing stereotypes and creating intergenerational conflict, according to a study from Singapore."

[ODOR POWER] Fragrances boost memory, cognition

"When a fragrance wafted through the bedrooms of older adults for two hours every night for six months, memories skyrocketed. Participants in the study by University of California, Irvine neuroscientists reaped a 226% increase in cognitive capacity compared to the control group. The researchers say the finding transforms the long-known tie between smell and memory into an easy, non-invasive technique for strengthening memory and potentially deterring dementia."

[ULCEROUS] Proton pump inhibitor use linked to dementia

" People with acid reflux who take drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) for four-and-a-half years or more may have a higher risk of dementia, according to a study looking at prescription medications for the disorder. Acid reflux is when stomach acid flows into the esophagus, usually after a meal or when lying down. People with acid reflux may experience heartburn and ulcers. PPIs reduce stomach acid by targeting the enzymes in the stomach lining that produce that acid. "

[ROBOPAL] ElliQ cuts loneliness by 95% among NYC older adults

"The New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) and Intuition Robotics will continue their partnership in light of data showing the efficacy of ElliQ in providing companionship to older adults in New York, including a 95% reduction in loneliness and high levels of engagement. "

[DEATH-DEFYING] Less than 5,000 daily steps still curbs risk of death

"The number of steps a person should walk every day to start seeing health benefits is lower than previously thought, according to the largest analysis to investigate this."

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