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A team of professionals and long-term care residents asked, "Can people with dementia read?" We discovered the answer is a resounding "Yes!", and that the emotional, social, and cognitive benefits of leisurely reading are profound. Reading2Connect® enriches the lives of older adults and people living with dementia through age/dementia friendly books. We educate staff/partners to use our books to facilitate residents’ independent reading and resident-led group activities, as well as volunteer, student, and intergenerational programs. Reading2Connect®, and its partner, AGEucate® Training Institute, bring innovative, sustainable, customized, and on-site training to senior living. In addition, we provide ongoing support to all users of our program. Our specialized books are field-tested and produced to revitalize the preserved, latent reading capacities of aging adults. Our books are available in print (on washable paper for infection-control and for durability), as e-books, and as audiobooks. We offer our books in multiple languages. Residents are at great risk of debilitating boredom, loneliness and helplessness. With our books, elders experience independence, self-esteem, learning, and social connections. Implementing the Montessori principles of Reading2Connect, Staff report enhanced job satisfaction and less job stress. our program supports diversity and inclusion, ignites involvement with the broader community, and appeals to prospective residents/families.

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