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[AI WORKING IT OUT?] ChatGPT creates fitness regimens – sort of

"There’s no question that ChatGPT, a natural language processing tool driven by artificial intelligence (AI), is making news in many areas right now. It answers questions, gives advice, creates stories, songs and plenty more. In an intriguing article in MIT Technology Review, Rhiannon Williams describes her experience using ChatGPT to create a marathon workout plan (not so good) and experiences of others who have been following the program’s advice in the gym. "

[REMEMBER THIS] 6 healthy habits tied to slower memory decline

"Following six healthy lifestyle behaviors is linked to slower memory decline in older adults, a large, population-based study suggests. The behaviors are: a healthy diet, cognitive activity, regular physical exercise, not smoking, and abstaining from alcohol. These behaviors are linked to slower memory decline even among those with a known dementia risk - the APOE4 gene variant."

[CURB HAZARDS] Older adults with dementia face fall risks in community

"A study by researchers in Drexel University's College of Nursing and Health Professions sheds light on the many and varied fall-risk factors facing older adults in community-living environments. The team examined data from the 2015 and 2016 National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS), a population-based survey of health and disability trends and trajectories of adults 65 and older in the US. The researchers obtained potential sociodemographic, health and function predictors of falls, as well as potential social and physical environmental predictors."

[NO STOPPING YOU] Sudden cardiac arrest risk during sports low for adults 65

"The benefits of regular exercise likely outweigh the low risk of sports-related sudden cardiac arrest among adults ages 65 and older, a new study shows."

[STAY IN TOUCH] Social isolation ups risk of dementia

"Two studies using nationally representative data from thousands of US adults add to the evidence that social isolation is a substantial risk factor for dementia in community-dwelling older adults, and identified technology as an effective way to intervene. The studies were published in separate issues of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society."

New studies suggest social isolation is a risk factor for dementia in older adults, point to ways to reduce risk

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Managing emotions better could prevent pathological ageing

"A UNIGE team deciphers how negative emotions durably modify brain activity in the older adults."

Falling prevention strategies for older adults having dementia

"Targeting specific fall-risk factors could improve fall screening and prevention strategies"

Are California nursing homes adequately prepared for wildfire-related emergencies?

"Emergency preparedness in nursing homes should be commensurate with local environmental risks to ensure residents’ safety, but new research in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that nursing homes in California that face a greater risk of wildfire exposure have poorer compliance with Medicare’s emergency preparedness standards."

Clinicians reluctant in providing telehealth care to older adults, national survey finds

"A sweeping national survey of doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers reveals that nearly 60 percent believe it’s “dangerous” to provide telehealth to older adults due to patients’ medical complexities, while another 60 percent say telehealth is an unrealistic option for seniors with physical or cognitive challenges."

Lonely heart-failure patients face worse outcomes than sociable peers

"A perceived loss of social role, such as caring for family and friends, has been linked to worse outcomes for heart failure patients, which suggests social engagement should form part of their care"

[CATCH!] Global fitness ball market booming

"The global fitness ball market size was nearly $307.1 million in 2021 and is set to increase to about $607.1 million by 2030, with a CAGR of nearly 8.1% between 2022 and 2030, according to a Zion market research study."

[NATURE’S MEDS] Green space visits tied to less use of certain Rx drugs

"Frequent visits to urban green spaces, such as parks and community gardens in Finland, rather than the amount of green space, or views of them from home, may be linked to lower use of certain prescription meds, a recent study suggests. Investigators wanted to find out if the amount of residential green and blue space (bodies of water), frequency of green space visits, and views of green and blue spaces from home might be separately associated with the use of certain prescription meds."

[YOU FEEL ME?] Meditation may alter gut microbes, boost health

"Regular deep meditation, practiced for several years, may help to regulate the gut microbiome and potentially lower the risks of physical and mental ill health, according to a small study, The study found that gut microbes in a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks differed substantially from those of their secular neighbors, and have been linked to a lower risk of anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular disease."

[SERIOUSLY…] Responsible tech now a critical business decision

"A new report by MIT Technology Review Insights explores how organizations understand responsible technology use, what has motivated them to adopt more responsible practices, and what benefits they hope to achieve from this adoption. The report draws on a survey of 550 senior executives and in-depth interviews with technology experts from organizations including H&M Group, MOIA, and California Polytechnic State University."

[FIT TO FLUSH?] Is toilet tech a new fitness frontier?

"Yes, toilet tech is indeed a “new fitness frontier,” according to CNET’s coverage of the recent Consumer Electronics Show. A bunch of new toilet products equipped with sensors can assess your blood pressure, heart rate, hydration status, and nutritional deficiencies, according to the coverage. Highlights--featuring a video, graphics, and links to specific product pages—include a clip-on toilet seat that evaluates biomarkers in urine and a seat that measures your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygenation when you sit on it for at least 30 seconds. Links to non-toilet blood pressure monitoring devices show the importance of this market going forward."

[ONLINE OFFLINE] Online fitness loses grip in 2023 trends

"Wearable technology was named the #1 fitness trend for 2023, while online training, the #1 trend in 2021, fell to #21 in 2023. That’s just a couple of the insights revealed in the latest American College of Sports Medicine’s worldwide survey of fitness trends. This year’s survey assessed 42 potential trends, with the top 20 described in the report."

[SING, SING A SONG] Singing-based stroke rehab brings benefits

"Language function and the psychosocial wellbeing of patients and their families can be promoted with singing-based rehabilitation, according to a new study. "

[WELL DONE] 75% of Boomers to prioritize health and wellness in 2023

"Most Americans plan to prioritize their health and wellness during 2023, and the trend spans age groups, from 64% of Gen Z to 75% of Boomers, according to “Consumer Trends: 2023,” a survey- and data-based report from The New Consumer. Wealthier consumers are also more likely to prioritize health, rising from 67% of those earning under $50K annually to 83% of those earning more than $150K. Consumers’ top concerns are weight and mental health, though older adults generally feel better about their mental health than younger generations: 96% of the silent generation and 86% of Boomers said they feel good or better about their mental health versus 71% of Gen Z, 75% of millennials, and 69% of Gen X. Further, more than 1/3 of Gen Z and millennials - especially men - say they're very lonely versus just 9% of male boomers and members of the silent generation."

[SENSIBLE] Sensors will be part of standard of care

"The current status and future potential of sensors are covered in Laurie Orlov's latest report, The Future of Sensors and Older Adults from Aging and Health Technology Watch. The report is based on interviews with experts from 26 organizations across healthcare, senior living, and technology. As the aging population faces a dwindling care workforce, sensor technology is emerging that can assist organizations that provide care and help older adults to maintain independence, according to Orlov. Today's market is comprised of environmental, safety, health and movement technologies, as sensors already enable recording and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) to inform people about status and predict future changes."

[FIT TO STREAM] Nike Training Club now on Netflix

"To expand access to fitness for people at all fitness levels, Nike launched an initiative with Netflix to offer Nike Training Club (NTC) content for Netflix members to stream starting December 30, 2022. Netflix members will have access to more than 90 NTC workouts that require minimal to no equipment, and span a broad range of workout types, lengths and intensities. Each NTC training program will include multiple episodes, totaling more than 30 hours of sessions released on Netflix in two parts. "

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