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The future is upon us: Canyon Ranch's Dr. Richard Carmona talks technology by Colin Milner with Jenifer Milner

Author Thomas L. Friedman makes the case in Thank You for Being Late, his recent best-seller, that we are living in an "accelerated" world due to the faster pace of change in the "three largest forces on our planet," including technology--which is growing exponentially. "As a result [of these accelerations], so many aspects of our societies, workplaces and geopolitics are being reshaped and need to be reimagined," he writes. Technological advances offer active-aging proponents new possibilities to promote health and well-being for the 50+ adult and for organizations to implement their missions, goals and business strategies. Professionals in active aging take a deep interest in the types and quantities of technology available for purchase. In common with so many others, however, they also feel greatly confused at times.

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