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Virtual Summit: Integrating nutrition into the lifestyle of older adults (Day 1)

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Day one (2.5 hours) Sponsored by Abbott

RECORDING: Nutrition considerations for older adults,

PRESENTER: Katherine L. Tucker, PhD

Healthy diet offers tremendous promise for improving health and well-being with age, including people at risk of, or living with, chronic health concerns. Learn about the "shortfall" nutrients, vitamins and minerals that older adults may be missing; and identify the nutrients and foods that are consumed too much. Then, review the eating patterns that are likely to balance these intakes and include familiar foods that can be integrated into a healthy lifestyle.

RECORDING: Education Break, sponsored by Abbott Nutrition
Results of the NOURISH study AND Introducing the Defeat Malnutrition Today Coalition

PRESENTERS: Meredith Ponder, Policy Director, Defeat Malnutrition Today Coalition, and Menghua Luo, research scientist at Abbott Nutrition

RECORDING: Serve nutrition recommendations for dinner.

PRESENTER: Sara Baer Sinnott

How do you translate recommendations for nutrients to meals? It doesn't have to be complicated if you follow a few basics. Fill your shopping cart with foods that meet the recommendations, then prepare them in a way that is appetizing as well as nutritious.

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