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Leadership in Wellness Management certificate courseSetting a new leadership standard in wellness management


What is ICAA's Leadership in Wellness Management Certificate?

ICAA's "Leadership in Wellness Management Certificate" is the premier professional certificate in aging supported by current research and best practices. It is a blend of formal instruction and interactive discussion designed to connect participants in wellness and aging from around the world. ICAA's "Leadership in Wellness Management Certificate" will help participants apply proven strategies in leadership and management in a variety of organizations specializing in aging. This course culminates in the development of an e-Portfolio that will includes tools, strategies and information needed to move wellness initiatives, programs, and careers forward.

What is a Professional Certificate Course?

A Professional Certificate course provides relevant and contemporary education and training in a subject but does not replace a college degree. Professional Certificate courses are pathways to become effective leaders, advance in the workplace, or to begin a new career path. A Professional Certificate course does not provide any credentials by a certifying body.

What will I learn by taking this course?

Participants will learn to build a thriving wellness culture in their organization by developing leadership skills, concrete strategies and business acumen. They will learn how to effectively engage participants and all stakeholders and ways to develop successful relationships within their organization as well as the greater community. Participants will learn how to become skilled in communication; how to identify and maximize program resources and financial positions; and ways to articulate and build a business case for a wellness initiative. Participants will be prepared to lead and manage successful wellness initiatives in the workplace. This interactive and engaging course is taught by industry professionals and covers relevant and current topics in 10 different modules.

When is the Leadership for Wellness Management Course scheduled?

Enrollment is now open.

See Course Schedule tab for all schedules offered.

What does the Leadership for Wellness Management Course cost?

There is an introductory offer for ICAA members of $599.00; Non-members: $799.00; CEU's- $50.00-$150.00 subject to a specific organization.

What's the time commitment for this online course?

There are 10 content modules that make up the foundation of the course. The required activities vary with each of the content modules. Each module includes completing self-directed activities such as viewing webinars/video lectures, reading assignments, and completing a quiz; and some include participating in group activities such as the Discussion Forums and online class discussions. The final requirement is the e-Portfolio. During each module, you will contribute to this e-Portfolio.

Do I have to log in and attend each day of the course?

No. This course is very flexible for working professionals. You will receive a Course Timeline after registering for the course which will give specific, limited number of times you will be required to attend an online class discussion, to participate in a discussion forum, or to complete assignments. Students can view the course content at any time during their enrollment in the course. Most of this course is self-directed.

Is each week's material accessible during the entire course or only for that week?

For the entire course.

Can I receive CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for my participation in the online course?

ICAA offers continuing education units (CEUs) for this course from a select number of accreditation providers. If your organization is not listed, please petition your organization directly. For CEUs to be granted, participants must pass the entire course (verified by the course instructor and ICAA staff) and complete the course evaluation. The non-refundable CEU fee of $50-$150 depending on the organization. This fee covers costs charged by certifying agencies. To view current CEU's offered please click here

Do I receive a certificate?

The successful completion of the course requirements also results in a certificate of completion issued by the International Council on Active Aging which may be listed on your resume' and posted to your professional network.

Information continually changes within the active-aging and wellness industry so it is essential for professionals to remain up-to-date and current with their knowledge and skills. The ICAA Leadership in Wellness Management course certificate expires three years after you complete the course. To keep your certificate current, you must take at least one additional ICAA course before your certificate expires (within the three years) or re-take the Leadership in Wellness Management course after your certificate expires.

What is the role of the instructor?

To guide students toward successful completion, to respond to emails and questions about content and requirements, to facilitate online class meetings, and determine who passes or fails based on the course requirements. Instructor's contact information, bibliography, availability, and "office hours" will be shared prior to the course start date.

How quickly can I anticipate a response to a question?

For content-related questions, the instructor will respond within one business day (24 hours); technical questions will be sent to the designated email address (given to you at registration) and will be addressed within one business day (24 hours).

What if I fall behind or cannot complete the course due to a major life event and wish to withdraw?

If you fall behind, have difficulty with the material, or feel you cannot complete the course due to a major life event, please notify your instructor and the ICAA staff immediately by email or phone. We are here to help you in any way possible.

The course withdrawal policy is:

  • 100% refund, minus a $50 processing fee, if requested 30 days or more before course start date;
  • 50% refund, minus a $50 processing fee, if requested 14–29 days before the course start date;
  • 25% refund, minus a $50 processing fee, 1–7 days after the course has begun.

There will be no refunds after Day 7 of the course. Days are counted consecutively and include weekends. All requests must be in writing.

The tuition for this course is nonrefundable and nontransferable. You will be allowed to retake the course one time and will be charged a $100 processing fee. You may only reschedule the course once.

How do I pass the course and receive my certificate?

To earn ICAA's Professional Certificate in Leadership in Wellness Management, participants must attend 90% of the required course discussion sessions and complete the discussion posts, quizzes and e-Portfolio with 80% success. If a participant does not successfully achieve the attendance AND the assignments/quizzes, they may re-take or complete each component within the one week of the course ending date for a $100.00 fee. If a participant does not successfully complete a requirement after re-taking it, the participant must re-enroll in the course at full fee in order to earn the Certificate.

How can I pay by check OR register a group on one invoice?

Please send an email request info@icaa.cc or call ICAA at: 866-335-9777.

How long does it take for a paid registration to result in an email providing access information for the course?

One week before the start of class, you will receive an email invitation with a unique link to create an account providing access to the educational portal.

I registered but I did not receive invitation email from ICAA.

Check your spam folder for an email from @icaa.cc or contact ICAA right away.

I am not an ICAA member—how do I register?

You may register without ICAA membership; however, there are excellent benefits with membership. To learn more about ICAA membership click here

Additional questions?

Please email ICAA at info@icaa.cc or call ICAA at: 866-335-9777 or go to www.icaa.cc

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