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Leadership in Wellness Management certificate courseSetting a new leadership standard in wellness management

Why this course

The rapid growth of the active-aging industry continues and the progress and importance of wellness continue to rise. Organizations that offer programs in aging and wellness are searching for leaders who possess contemporary knowledge in communication, team building, programming, evaluation, outcome reporting and can apply best practices and deliver evidence-based activities. Finding individuals who have this skill set, and are informed on the most current changes in the field, is an increasing challenge for many organizations. ICAA created the premier “Leadership in Wellness Management Certificate” to meet this challenge and fulfill this need in the active-aging and wellness industry.

At the 2016 ICAA Forum, delegates from senior living, therapy, consulting, and supplier organizations came together and discussed the return on investment in wellness staff. The consensus was that wellness staff, who are appropriately trained and supported, provide excellent value and positively impact the mission and business objectives of their organization. Does your organization strive to offer high-quality active-aging and wellness programming? Do you wish to stay competitive and up-to-date in the wellness field? Are you ready to advance your career? Are you prepared to become a leader in your company as well as in the wellness profession? If yes, ICAA’s Leadership in Wellness Management certificate course is for you.


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