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Leadership in Wellness Management certificate courseSetting a new leadership standard in wellness management

Graduate comments

While I got a lot out of the course, I especially appreciated the emphasis on an outcomes-based approach throughout the modules. It was a beautiful thing to actually work on a project (one which I’ve wanted to initiate for quite some time) and have the support on how and what to do, step-by-step, no less. It was like a present. Thank you for such a well-thought-out program. I would encourage anyone who’s thinking of a project, but hasn’t had the time to initiate it, to take this course. Your project will be infinitely better planned than if you did not take the course.

Mellany Hanson, Lifestyle Director
Vi at La Jolla Village
La Jolla, CA

"The Leadership in Wellness Management course is very thorough, well-referenced and engaging for the student. It is presented in a visually-appealing manner and is current in its approach. I think it is essential information for all client types, not just those working with active adults. I highly recommend it and will have all my Operation Managers take the course."

Ginger Anzalone, Vice President, Amenities Division President - West/Central Region, Vesta Property Services

“This class is for you or someone on your team who is ready to make a big change or start a large project. Great tools if you are seeking to influence decision-makers regarding your dream idea. Also, great tools to engage clients/residents who are deciding whether to participate in your program. This class will give you all the tools you need to prepare your case for implementing your most audacious goal!”

Karen Lloyd, Director of Lifestyle, Friendship Village of Bloomington – a Lifespace Community, Minnesota

“I found the Leadership in Wellness Management Course to be extremely beneficial to my current position. This course kept me accountable and assisted me in writing a business case for an actual project we were working on at the time. The amount of resources I gleaned for my personal and professional growth were well worth the time and energy spent. I will be utilizing the template I put together for my business case in future projects and tapping into what I learned and the resources I was given access to. Thank you for coordinating such a valuable experience!”

Marenta Klinger, MHA, Director of Resident Life for Holland Home, Michigan

“A well crafted course to better understand the active-aging industry and refine your leadership skills in the wellness profession.”

JC Guzman, Fitness Coordinator, Humangood.org, California

“ICAA’s Leadership in Wellness Management Course has been very timely and beneficial to me. Even though I have a Masters in health administration and have being working in long term care over 6 years, seniors lifestyle & wellness and active aging is new to me. ICAA over the years have helped me understand the nitty gratis of seniors lifestyle and wellness and how best we can support our residents to age actively. This leadership in wellness management course however, has helped broaden my horizon on a lot of the changes happening in our industry in general and how best we as a wellness team can adopt first of all and then communicate these changes to the leadership of our organization. The timing and contents of the course was perfect. Due to all the changes happening in my organization as far as lifestyle and wellness of our residents are concern, there couldn’t be a better time for me to take this course. I will recommend this course in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to enhance their profession.”

Belinda Degboe, MHA, Wellness Coordinator, Asbury Methodist Village, Maryland

“I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 40 years and have had access to much training. Without a doubt, ICAA’s Leadership in Wellness Management Course just set a new standard of excellence! The course was well developed and designed for immediate application. It was well worth the time and effort and should be a required resource for all wellness professionals who take their position in leadership seriously.

I am fortunate to work for an organization who champions my efforts to grow professionally!! Well done, ICAA, well done!!”

Carolyn Leevy, Fitness Director, Foulkeways at Gwynedd, Gwynedd, Pennsylvania

The ICAA’s Leadership in Wellness Management Course is an insightful, educational and topical course that focuses on the fundamental concepts of business management and leadership in the active aging and wellness industry. The content, assignments and group discussions provided a wealth of ideas and a greater understanding of the current trends in wellness and active aging. I highly recommend this course to anyone or any organization that is looking to build and embrace a thriving wellness culture.

Nicole Howell, Clubhouse Manager, Vesta Property Services, Kingspoint, Florida.

The ICAA Leadership in Wellness Management certificate exceeded my expectations. The course content was exceptional and will be helpful in my current role as the Fitness/Aquatics Coordinator. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone in the active-aging industry.

Sherry Stick, Fitness/Aquatics Coordinator, Carroll Lutheran Village, Maryland

In India there are no wellness directors. In old age homes maximum wellness programs depend on meditation and yoga and early morning walks. But today I was watching a program on news channel and the wellness word was repeated many a times in relation to private health care partners of Government in new health care scheme. I am sure to get a job in wellness center after the course.

Asha Vijai Rao, Managing Trustee, Gharonda Public Charitable Trust, Pune, India


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