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Leadership in Wellness Management certificate courseSetting a new leadership standard in wellness management

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Companies whose employees have earned ICAA’s Leadership in Wellness Management certificate will show that they meet the new standards in the active-aging industry and lead the competition. The benefits from educated and skilled employees can lead to greater program visibility, growing participant numbers, higher program quality and increased revenue.

ICAA/ProMatura’s 2017 National Wellness Benchmarks Report reveals that those who participate in well-managed, interesting and well-staffed wellness programs demonstrate increased loyalty, improved program retention, and enhanced overall health. Senior Living community residents, as an example, report that their health is superior to others their age, that they receive better value for the money spent at the community, and their stay is longer in independent living.1 Strong, vibrant wellness programs have been shown to improve residents’ engagement in their community, improve mental health as well as reduce the number of falls.

Ninety percent of CEOs and upper management (ICAA members) surveyed in 2017 by ICAA state that lifestyle/wellness programming is an important strategy for growing their business and 41% stated that they plan to increase their investment in wellness.2 When choosing a CCRC/Lifeplan community, 44% of residents strongly agree or agree that the wellness program was a primary reason for the selection of where they will live, according to the 2017 ICAA/ProMatura report. The business case for developing, enhancing, and supporting a company’s wellness program is stronger than ever. The necessity for wellness professionals to understand key aspects of business and wellness is essential to the entire organization.

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2. Trends and environments for active aging, ICAA Active-Aging Industry Development Survey 2017


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