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Coronavirus response center

Resources for COVID-19 Response Center

During this pandemic crisis, the ICAA brings to you resources you could use to help yourself and your customers maintain and continue to improve their wellness. These resources can help you create and adjust your wellness programs.

General activities and engagement Ideas

  1. Free materials from National Institute on Aging:
  2. Activity booklet: created by Jorgensen, J.
  3. LaterLife Training. “I CAN” Active Calendar 2020.
  4. Arts and crafts:
  5. McIntosh, D. (March 19, 2020). Going the social distance. Telus.

Staying emotionally well

  1. Archer, S. (2018). Happiness and health, part one: How positive emotions affect physical well-being. The Journal on Active Aging, May/June 2018.
  2. Archer, S. (2018). Happiness and health, part two: What you can do to boost happiness. The Journal on Active Aging, November/December 2018.
  3. Biscontini, L. (2017). Making the mind matter. The Journal on Active Aging, July/August 2017.
  4. World Health Organization. (March 11, 2020). Q & A on COVID-19 and mental health. (YouTube: 39.09 minutes)
  5. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (n.d.) Mental health. Cdc.gov.
  6. Oxford Mindfulness Centre. Mindfulness sessions & podcasts. Oxfordmindfulness.org.
  7. Humor:
  8. Singalongs and music:

Staying intellectually well

  1. ICAA Innovators. (2016). Steady for Life’s: Steady & sharp brain carnival. The Journal on Active Aging, May/June 2016
  2. Brain teasers
  3. Printable puzzles, art, word searches
  4. Free virtual tours
  5. Free books, classes, videos, and audiobooks

Staying spiritually well

  1. Ludwig, S. (2017). Spiritual health and active aging: A perspective. The Journal on Active Aging, September/October 2017
  2. Write. Read. Converse. Listen.
  3. YouTube: search Spiritual music
  4. Podcasts:

Using and understanding technology

  1. Mitzner, T. & Remillard, E. (2019). How one telewellness project focused on helping older adults with mobility disabilities age in place. The Journal on Active Aging Special Technology issue 2019.
  2. Ludwig, S. (2019). The tech connections: Alleviating loneliness as we age. The Journal on Active Aging Special Technology issue 2019.
  3. AGE-WELL 4.2 Project. (February 2020). Playful aging: Digital games for older adults.
  4. Teleheath
  5. Free Technology to connect with friends and loved ones:

Staying environmentally well: Bringing nature indoors

  1. Interactive bird song chart: AAA State of Play. 50 bird species and the sounds they make.
  2. Staying environmentally well: YouTube: (search outdoor scenes, nature, animals, oceans, etc. There are thousands and find those that match your customers or your interests.)

Workplace safety

  1. World Health Organization. (March 19, 2020). Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19

Self-care for professionals

  1. Watermark Retirement Communities -- Associate wellbeing -- Training on demand
  2. Tello, M. (2017). Self-care: 4 ways to nourish body and soul. Harvard Medical School.
  3. MyIntent. Free self-care resources. MyIntent.org.
  4. Gratitude
  5. Exercise for self-care and your customers
  6. General exercises
  7. Dance
  8. Meditation
  9. Art Therapy
  10. Sleep
  11. Nutrition
  12. Finances



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