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ICAA Discussion Forum on Coronavirus

Discuss experiences and best practices for helping your residents, staff and members—and don’t forget yourself!—maintain well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. ICAA’s Discussion Forum is your platform to share ideas and examples of how you and your organization are handling the novel coronavirus. ICAA encourages you to join the discussion. Please post comments and questions about COVID-19 only.

Let’s learn from and support each other. We are stronger together.

ICAA asks all participants to be respectful in their comments, to refrain from selling products and to focus on COVID-19 only. Posts will be removed if they do not follow these guidelines.



Killing viruses with UV light and safety
Rod Heller  September 16, 2021 (0)

Facility Guidance
Kathy O'Toole  September 16, 2021 (1)

Yoga Outside
June Kittay  September 16, 2021 (2)

how long are you planning for programming (closures and changes)?
Luanne Whitmarsh  September 16, 2021 (3)

Wellness Team Meeting
Diana Goergen  September 16, 2021 (0)

Residents engagement during quarantine
Janet Olson   September 16, 2021 (3)

kimberly offield  September 16, 2021 (0)

Just looking to get involved in the discussions
Josh Peterson  September 16, 2021 (2)

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