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ICAA Competencies for wellness managers

Developed by advisory groups, based on ICAA Career Path for Wellness Professionals and Key Elements for Developing a Wellness Program for Older Adults. Project led and written by educators at Cardea Health

Key domains:

1.       Opportunity Assessment—Conducting assessment of needs and assets that lead to the identification, implementation, and evaluation of the seven dimensions that promote whole-person wellness.

2.       Planning—Developing measurable goals and objectives in response to assessment of needs and assets, and identifying strategies that are based on knowledge derived from theory, evidence, and practice.

3.       Implementation—Carrying out effective and efficient strategies to ensure the greatest possible improvements in well-being, including management of human and material resources.

4.       Evaluation—Determining the reach, effectiveness, and impact of wellness programs and policies. This includes utilizing appropriate evaluation and research methods to support program improvements, sustainability, and dissemination.

5.       Leadership— Providing strategic direction, opportunities for participation, mobilizing and managing resources, and building capacity.

6.       Catalyzing change—Enabling change and empowering both individual clients and internal departments to work towards achieving optimal health.

7.       Advocacy—Advocating with, and on behalf of, individuals and programs to improve health and well-being and building capacity for undertaking actions that can improve outcomes.

8.       Partnerships—Working collaboratively across disciplines, departments, and with partners to enhance the impact and sustainability of wellness programs and policies.

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